German RHÖN-Innovations makes an Investment in Israeli Inovytec

15 November, 2016

German RHÖN-Innovations makes an Investment in Israeli Inovytec

Israeli med-tech Company “Inovytec” Develops and Produces Innovative Solutions for Out-of-Hospital Emergencies

Inovytec specializes in developing solutions for out-of-hospital medical emergencies

RHÖN-Innovations, a subsidiary of RHÖN-KLINIKUM, a German company operating 4 major hospitals in Germany, has made an investment in, Inovytec, an Israeli start-up company with a single-figure million amount. The company which is registered in Israel develops and manufactures products especially for out-of-hospital cardiological emergencies and non‑invasive assistance in the case of blockages in the respiratory system. One product, for example, connects the person administering first aid on an emergency call to the emergency physician in a number of seconds in order to guarantee that the patient receives optimum ongoing medical care. Inovytec products have been thoroughly tested in two RHÖN-KLINIKUM hospitals ‑ the university hospital in Marburg and the hospital in Frankfurt/Oder – was well as in other medical facilities.

The Lubo offers a combined solution for both airway and immobilization needs
The Lubo offers a combined solution for both airway and immobilization needs

“With its contribution to Inovytec RHÖN-Innovations GmbH which was established in the spring of the year has made its first actual contribution to a start-up company. We are convinced that Inovytec’s ideas and products offer excellent market opportunities and are ideally suited to complement the work in RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG’s hospitals,” stated CFO Jens-Peter Neumann who is responsible for RHÖN-Innovations GmbH. “Through our targeted risk and investment strategy we are closely monitoring the international market for progressive medical innovations. We have already identified and evaluated almost 200 projects this year alone and have now moved to specific cooperation for the first time.”

Neumann therefore expects more agreements to be concluded with start-up companies in the near future. “As a source of inspiration in the German healthcare economy our business model includes audacity and innovation. However, our primary aim is to achieve a discernible improvement in the medical care we provide and to obtain noticeable benefits for our patients”.

“We are pleased that we were able to convince RHÖN-Innovations GmbH as well as a major hospital operator to become a renowned partner for our products and services,” added CEO Udi Kantor from Inovytec. “The investment from RHÖN-Innovations GmbH in our company will significantly strengthen Inovytec’s finances, secure the transfer of know-how and create the preconditions to continue to develop and market innovative medical products.”

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