IDF is develops Combat Medical Smart Watch”

11 January, 2017

The device will help combat medics and doctors to take fast critical decisions on the battlefield. The system is expected be operational by 2019

The Israeli Defense Force is developing a smart watch, which could dramatically enhance the treatment of wounded soldiers in the field. The watch, developed by the C4I corps and medical corps, will dynamically monitor the patient’s vitals, using specialized sensors. The watch will constantly monitor physical data such as body temperature, blood pressure and pulse.

If necessary, the watch will be activated by attaching the medic’s smartphone to the smart watch. The smartphone will read the data collected by the watch – sending it to the medical staff. The data obtained by the use of the system dubbed “complete recovery” includes the patient’s vitals collected by the smart watch, as well as the details of the incident. The smart watch will help medics choose the best treatment for patients in the field, giving them detailed information which could never before be accessed in combat situations.

Operational by 2019

The IDF system will not only collect information concerning the incident and the patient’s vitals – sending to the rear medical staff – pre-coded attached to the IDF’s medical equipment and medicines will automatically record any action taken by the medic on the field.

“The development will help medic make the right decision in real time, by giving him a full picture on the patient’s situation – from the beginning of the treatment until he reaches the hospital. The system will streamline the treatment process, and enhance control of the medic’s actions” said Major Dr. Ariel Hirschhorn from the IDF medical corps. “Documentation and data exchange will become automatic, freeing the medic to focus on treating the wounded – backed by a much greater knowledge of the patient’s condition”.

The medical corps hopes to deploy the new system by 2019 said Major Nimrod Fuksaniano from the C4I corps. “This project, carried out by C4I officer cadets represents our commitment to deploy our knowledge in various fields, as quickly and efficiently as possible”.

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