Corephotonics and Samsung have developed new imaging sensor

15 February, 2017

Samsung Electro-Mechanics began to produce a new camera module for Smartphones, based on a revolutionary Dual-lens technology developed by Corephotonics

Corephotonics from Tel-aviv, Israel, has partnered with Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEMCO) to develop a complete reference design, based on its revolutionary dual camera technology. The reference design is now in volume production by Samsung, and gives the smartphone manufacturers a big enhancement in image quality without impact on the device slim designs.

The dual camera concept made possible by Corephotonics proprietary technology. It comprises two image sensors in one module: A regular camera producing a wide field of view (FOV) image – much like the technology found in a conventional smartphone – and  a second camera, that features a telephoto lens – which addresses the narrow FOV image. The result is an imaging mechanism that can deliver up to 3x optical zoom and provides the user with highly detailed photographs even in the most challenging of low light conditions.

Folded Camera 

Folded-optics architecture is the next generation of dual camera zoom. The ever demanding market need for a high zoom factor results in long lenses and thick camera modules. On the other hand, phone design trend is for an ever thinner structure. Our innovative folded-optics tele camera allows customers to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Corephotonics folded optics folds the light by using a prism and orients the lens barrel such that it is parallel to the phone surface. This results in a high focal lens camera, with a thinner-than-a-pencil height. The result is a a compact form factor (down to 5.5mm in Z-height), while eliminating delicate opto-mechanical arrangements that are prone to damage.

“The camera has become a key differentiator in the current, highly competitive global smartphone market. Via the dual camera zoom solution pioneered by Corephotonics and the access we have now gained to their technology, it is possible to greatly expand upon our current smartphone camera capabilities,” said EVP Hong, CMO of SEMCO. “This will take us closer than ever before to the imaging performance that would normally be associated with an SLR.”

“SEMCO is an acknowledged leader in smartphone camera modules and it is now fully equipped with a broad range of Corephotonics technology,” adds Eran Briman, VP of Marketing & Business Development at Corephotonics. “By integrating our calibration tools into its production lines, SEMCO is now better positioned for delivering mass production zoom dual camera modules which are drop-test certified and support relaxed calibration assembly. Combining such modules with Corephotonics’ zoom and bokeh algorithms easily satisfies consumer demands for elevated imaging functionality.”

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