Avnet replaced mission… and colors

5 April, 2017

Avnet new strategy aimed to bring the global electronic components distributor much closer to the community of makers and small and quiet startup companies

Following it strategic turn, the global electronic components ditributor, Avnet (NYSE: AVT) introduced a new global branding campaign called “Reach Further”. The campaign launches this week with a cohesive marketing, digital and media strategy to introduce a new brand and visual identity. Avent has came to a conclusion that it has no access to the big comunity of quiet and disruptive startup companies, and devised a new way to reach them.

“Today, hundreds of thousands of design engineers from start-ups to leading technology OEMs utilize the company’s design and supply chain services and rely on its large volume, broad line distribution capabilities.”‘ Avnet said in the formal announcement. “In two simple words, Reach Further expresses how Avnet helps the smallest start-ups to the largest technology corporations move swiftly and seamlessly from idea to design and from prototype to production.”

A new green look

Reach Further strategy  was defined following a deep research on Avnet’s key stakeholder audiences. Avnet’s new logo replaces red with green to symbolize growth and possibility. The company launched a new website that has been designed to provide quick access to information through improved navigation and increased access to an expansive list of products and services. In addition, Avnet is introduced its “A-Frame,” a new graphic element.

The rebranding culminates several strategic business moves, including the recent acquisitions of Premier Farnell and Hackster.io that Avnet has made to reach further into the conception, design and prototyping processes; Stages where innovators can benefit most from an exposure to the hardware that will help them bring their products to market.

In addition, the launch of Avnet’s MakerSource.io online resource directory provides individuals and startups with access to a comprehensive ecosystem of the strategic and tactical resources needed to turn a pioneering new product vision into a marketable reality, while the Avnet Innovation Lab provides business consultation and funding for entrepreneurs developing technology, especially new inventions that advance the Internet of Things (IoT).

Avnet Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Sellers added: “Reach Further is our promise that Avnet and each of our employees will do whatever it takes to guide customers and partners toward their most ambitious goals. The new brand is an authentic expression of the character and values of the company. The Reach Further mantra reflects a solemn commitment Avnet is making to makers, inventors, entrepreneurs, design engineers and suppliers.”

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