Check-Cap and GE Healthcare produced X-Ray source for ingestible capsule

11 May, 2017

Check-Cap develops the first capsule-based system for preparation-free colorectal cancer screening, called C-Scan

Miniature X-ray source –  small enough to work from inside an ingestible capsule, and strong enough to detect cancer – that was the challenge Check-Cap Ltd. and  GE Healthcare had to overcome. This week they announced it was done. The healthcare giant and the Israeli small clinical-stage company reported they have successfully achieved the initial milestone in their collaboration to develop high-volume, X-ray capsule manufacturing capabilities. Specifically, X-ray sources produced at GE Healthcare using a customized manufacturing method passed all  tests required to ensure compliance with the revolutionary C-Scan monitoring system.

Bill Densel, CEO of Check-Cap, estimated that this milestone opens the way to provide capsules for future U.S. clinical trials and commercialization. Check-Cap develops the first capsule-based system for preparation-free colorectal cancer screening, called C-Scan®. Utilizing ultra-low dose X-ray and wireless communication technologies, the capsule generates information on the contours of the inside of the colon as it passes naturally.  This information is used to create a 3D map of the colon, which allows physicians to look for polyps and other abnormalities.

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S., with an estimated 135,000 diagnoses and 50,000 deaths in 2017 (see: statistics).  Despite compelling evidence that screening can detect colorectal cancer and precancerous polyps, nearly one-third of the recommended adult population has never been screened. The C-Scan® system is designed to improve the patient experience with screening  by eliminating many unattractive requirements, such as bowel preparation, fasting, and sedation.

This imaging technology also has the advantage of using ultra-low dose radiation due to the fact that the imaging target objects are within very close proximity to the capsule, hence a very low x-ray flux is required to obtain sufficient signal-to-noise ratio and good image quality.

In August 4, 2016 Check-Cap and  GE Healthcare had entered into an agreement to develop and validate high-volume manufacturing for X-ray source production and assembly into Check-Cap’s capsule. Upon successful completion, the parties may discuss collaboration on execution of a high-volume manufacturing facility and distribution of the Check-Cap system. Emmanuel Ligner, General Manager of Core Imaging for GE Healthcare Life Sciences, SAID: “GE Healthcare will continue its collaboration with Check-Cap using our expertise in radio-pharmaceutical and device manufacturing to bring the C-Scan system to clinicians and patients.”

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