Samsung Chose Celeno to Power its Gateways and STBs

4 June, 2017

Samsung: "Faster Wi-Fi is not enough to master the challenges of today's connected world - it needs also to be smart"

Celeno Wi-Fi Chip

Samsung Electronics is developing a new line of home gateways and Set-Top Boxes based on Celeno Communications silicon and software technology. Celeno’s 802.11ac Wave 2 CL2440 and CL2442 chipsets will power their DOCSIS 3.1 Gateway product line. In addition, Celeno’s CL2430 silicon will power their 4K set-top box as a client solution for seamless Wi-Fi video.

Gilad Rozen, Founder and CEO of Celeno, said that Celeno’s Wi-Fi silicon and software technology will enable Samsung to ensure flawless user experience on both data and 4K video use cases and with fully managed QoS. The spokesperson of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics commented: “I expect the collaboration with Celeno to deliver a powerful and highly intelligent solution. Faster Wi-Fi is not enough to master the challenges of today’s connected world – it needs to be smart.”

Celeno provides managed Wi-Fi solutions base on 802.11ac specifications. Founded in 2005 and backed by blue chip investors such as including Cisco Systems, 83North (Formerly Greylock IL), Liberty Global, Pitango Venture Capital and Vintage Investment Partners. Celeno is headquartered in Ra’anana, Israel, with a global presence and offices in the US, EMEA and Asia Pacific. The new Samsung products are equipped with Celeno’s value add silicon and software technology including ARGUS spectrum intelligence technology which seamlessly scans the spectrum and chooses the least crowded or best channel for the device without interrupting service.

Celeno’s solutions are based on three technologies: Quicksilver is a 802.11ac wave 2 silicon embedded with Active Antenna Steering and Argus™, smart spectrum analysis and intelligence for optimized performance. OptimizAIR is a Software defined Wi-Fi virtualization enabling the provisioning, enforcement and dynamic allocation of Wi-Fi air time capacity to different virtual networks (SSIDs) and even different clients all served by the same Wi-Fi Access Point. ControlAIR is a Smart multi-AP Wi-Fi SON control Software enabling reliable gigabit Wi-Fi coverage using smart “small-cell” architecture.

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