DSPG and LISNR develop Audio Alternative to NFC

13 August, 2017

The surprising solution, called Audio-D, supports data-over-ultrasonic audio communication for any device equipped with a speaker and or microphone...

DSPG Audio Processing Chip

For many years the Near Field Communication (NFC) protocol is considered a very effective and secured short range (few centimeters) communication solutions for contactless payment systems and other reliable needs. But a new concept suggest low cost and low power alternative: Audio-Enabled Data Transmission.

Last week DSP Group from Herzlya, Israel and LISNR from Cincinnati, Ohio, announced a new solution called Audio-D, that supports data-over-audio communication for any device with a speaker or microphone. This solution is based on DSP Group’s DBMD4 Voice SoC (photo above) and LISNR® technology, to enable always-on communication and high level of interoperability while consuming low power.

LISNR is a data over audio solution that utilizes ultrasonic audio called Smart Tones in the near-ultrasonic bandwidth of 18.7-19.2 kHz. It transmits customizable packets of data every second that can enable device connectivity everywhere. Additional performance enhancements include Smart Tone™ types (ID, Text, Data), that optimize characteristics of data type for the actual use case. The company says LISNR technology is very efficient in CPU/battery usage when compared to other data transmission technologies.

Rodney Williams, CEO of LISNR
Rodney Williams, co-founder and CEO of LISNR

It needs a very limited hardware requirements, speaker or microphone which already exists in all mobile devices. The Audio tones can be decoded and encoded locally on the device, so no other form of connectivity is needed. The solution of DSP Group and LISNR utilizes DSP Group’s DBMD4 voice processor to enable voice processing in IoT devices while maintaining extremely low power consumption. LISNR® technology serves as an audio data transfer software. Together, they perform connectivity, authentication for access, payment, ID, pairing, syncing, or data transmission such as mesh networking across all devices.

“We have spent five years streamlining the ability to connect devices via sound, and this partnership is a validation of our technology and its capability. It’s the ultimate end-consumer benefit grounded in a partnership that’s rooted in seamless connectivity,” says Eric Allen, LISNR President. “DSP Group’s DBMD4 is the ideal enabler of this solution offering low power consumption and excellent performance.”


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