Elbit Directed IR Counter Measure systems sold to Africa

27 September, 2017

Elbit to has been awarded a contract of $240 million, to provide a wide array of defense electronic systems to a country in Africa, including DIRCM

Elbit DIRCM Defense System

Organisations in Africa are looking for new ways to defend their aviation fleets against hostile threats. For Elbit Systems from Haifa, Israel, it means more markets for its Directed IR Countermeasures (DIRCM) solutions, designed to protect aircraft against heat-seeking ground-to-air missiles. Those missiles pose a major challenge to civil aircrafts, mainly while they are approaching the air field for landing, or taking off.

This week Elbit announced that it has been awarded a contract of $240 million, to provide a wide array of defense electronic systems to a country in Africa. This contract is comprised of Directed Infra-red Counter Measure (DIRCM) systems to protect aircraft from shoulder fired missiles (Man Portable Air Defense Systems -MANPADS), based on passive IR (Infrared) systems, and includes Missile Warning Systems (MWS), radio and communication systems, land systems, mini-UAS systems and helicopters upgrade.

This is the second DIRCM contract of Elbit in Africa. On June 2017, the Company reported a $20 million order made by an African-based customer to equip a VIP Gulfstream G650 aircraft with J-Music DIRCM systems that include infrared-based Passive Airborne Warning System. Having accumulated more than 30,000 hours of operation, MUSIC family of DIRCM systems is in use by many customers worldwide on a wide range of small, medium and large aircraft platforms.

“Given the constantly growing MANPADS threat for aviation, we are confident that more customers will follow in choosing our thoroughly tested and qualified DIRCM solutions,” said said Elad Aharonson, General Manager of Elbit Systems ISTAR Division. Elbit Systems’ DIRCM solutions have been selected by the Israeli government to protect commercial Israeli airliners, by the Italian Air Force to protect the C27J, C130J and AW101 helicopter platforms and by the Brazilian Air Force to protect the KC-390 aircraft.

How DIRCM system works:

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