Rafael opens a local company in Australia

5 November, 2017

"We have recently signed agreements with Australia's Bisalloy for the supply of metals and with Varley for joint production of missiles"

rfael spike missiles launcher

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems announced the opening of a local company in Australia, as part of an expansion of the company’s operations in the country towards significant arming programs by the Australian army in land and sea. The new Melbourne-based company will be managed by an Israeli and local team. In addition, the company will be engaged in deepening the inter-industrial relationship between Rafael and Australian companies to create joint ventures and joint production and marketing of systems.

Several Rafael systems have been in use for years by the Australian Army, including remote-controlled weapon stations, naval systems and aerial attack guidance systems. Giora Katz, Executive VP of Marketing and Business Development at Rafael, said that the new company in Australia is part of a global strategy to create local partnerships, in order to meet the growing demand to perform some of the development and manufacturing operations by local companies. “We have recently signed agreements with Australia’s Bisalloy for the supply of metals for the manufacture of military systems and with Varley for the creation of cooperation and the establishment of an infrastructure for joint production of missiles”.

Rafael is one of Israel’s largest defense companies, with 2016 net profit of $123 million and record-high orders totaling $2.8 billion.  With approximately 7,500 employees and numerous subcontractor and service suppliers, Rafael is the largest employer in Northern Israel.

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