Autotalks and STMicroelectronics to Demonstrate Market-Ready V2X Solution

8 January, 2018

Autotalks’ V2X technology will be mass-deployed by 2019. "Our cooperation with Autotalks is a strong component in delivering on ST’s Smart Driving mission"


Autotalks from Israel, and STMicroelectronics, will show their DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) -based Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communications technology during CES 2018 in Las Vegas. This is a product of a multi-year collaboration and is the world’s first mass-market-ready 2nd-generation DSRC-based V2X solution. Featuring ST’s Telemaco3 telematics platform and Autotalks’ CRATON2 chipset. The demonstration will show how their technology can be used to avoid collisions, describe road conditions, and indicate distance to important infrastructure, such as EV charging stations. The DSRC-based technology today exceeds all existing US Department of Transportation (USDOT) specifications.

“DSRC is ready for mass deployment with the ultimate goal of maximizing safety and mobility for both human-driven and autonomous vehicles,” said Hagai Zyss, CEO of Autotalks. “Our demonstration with ST is further evidence of the strong V2X ecosystem Autotalks has established.” Fabio Marchió, General Manager, Microcontrollers and Infotainment Division, STMicroelectronics said that the cooperation with Autotalks, “is a strong component in delivering on ST’s Smart Driving mission. We are assuring the seamless integration of the CRATON2-based V2X module with ST’s technologies for connected cars, including automotive secure processors, GNSS receivers, and sensors.“

Founded in 2008, Autotalks is a V2X chipset market pioneer. Its chipsets provide secure V2X communication solution architected for autonomous vehicles. Autotalks’ technology, to be mass-deployed by 2019, complements the information coming from other sensors, specifically in non-line-of-sight scenarios, rough weather or poor lighting conditions. The chipsets exceed all requirements mandated by the USDOT’s V2V notice of specified rulemaking (NPRM).

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