“Human Drivers do not understand Autonomous Vehicles”

16 January, 2018

Hagai Zyss, CEO of Autotalks: "We must pay attention to the long transition period, in which most of the vehicles will be manned and we will have to share our roads with autonomous vehicles”

Autotalks Chip and the CEO

Does the future of the Autonomous driving is certain? According to Autotalks from Kfar Neter, Israel, it is the regulation that can block the coming revolution. Lack of coordination between autonomous vehicles and manned vehicles can fail the driverless car vision”, said Hagai Zyss, CEO of Autotalks, which specializes in semiconductors solutions of DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) and V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) technology.

“The problem of coordinating autonomous and manned vehicles must deeply concern policy makers and the auto industry. Decision makers must promote automotive technologies that will prevent accidents and save lives. The resolution of the coordination issue will be one of the key challenges of the industry in the next few years”. He believes that many people in the industry leap in their imagination to the point in time when all vehicles on roads will be autonomous, “but not everyone pays attention to the massive challenges in the long transition period, in which most of the vehicles will be manned and we will have to share our roads with autonomous vehicles.”

The Regulator must Step-in

Zyss: “Two key themes can demonstrate the problematic aspect of coordination: The first is the fact that accidents between autonomous vehicles and manned vehicles have already happened. Secondly, there is an inherent difficulty of human drivers to understand autonomous vehicles and vice versa. Beyond the fact that human drivers get stressed when they see an autonomous vehicle, they might make sudden lane changes, presume right of way or run red lights in a way that makes it difficult for autonomous vehicles to expect and respond to.

The solution, he said, may come by using DSRC-based V2X solutions to solve the issue of harmonizing autonomous and manned vehicles. “It is important to lay down an infrastructure of legislation and regulation that together with technologies, will ensure that the integration of autonomous vehicles into our roads will prevent accidents rather than cause accidents.”

Last year, Autotalks announced a $40 million financing round, led by Toyota’s investment arm Mirai Creation Investment Fund. In late 2016, the Japanese electronics giant DENSO decided to incorporate Autotalks’ chipset into the V2X platform it provides to car manufacturers. Autotalks is cooperating with several key players in the automotive industry such as Bosch, with whom it is carrying out a joint project to develop a motorcycle accident prevention communications technology (Bike-to-Vehicle – B2V).

More information: www.auto-talks.com

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