SAS tests M2M and IoT for Nano-satellites

6 February, 2018

SAS aims to provide low cost communication coverage on anywhere to everywhere base with relatively low maintenance costs, based on a constellation of 200 nano-satellites

SAS Nano Satellites

Sky and Space Global has commenced a Nano-satellite-based testing of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) services in the Central and South America region in partnership with Globalsat Group LLC. Upon completion of a successful testing program, the companies will commence discussions on a binding commercial agreement. The testing follows the successful launch of the SAS narrowband communication satellites, the 3 Diamonds, in June 2017 and the subsequent testing of the 3 Diamonds to deliver phone calls, instant messaging and financial transactions using nano-satellites.

Sky and Space Global Ltd is an ASX listed (SAS) satellite company with European and Israeli centers. The Company’s core business is to operate a communications infrastructure based on nanosatellite technology. The Company successfully launched its first three nano-satellites, the ‘3 Diamonds’, into space in June 2017 and is preparing for the launch of a constellation of 200 more nanosatellites by 2020.

SAS aims to provide low cost, Nano-satellite communication coverage on anywhere to everywhere base with relatively low maintenance costs. It develops proprietary network management software system that enable satellites to autonomously manage deployment, orbital control and M2M communication with little interference from ground stations.

Mobile Payments from SPace

Recantly the company has achieved major milestones in its system: It successfully integrated the Check Point cyber security hardware to its network. Phone calls and messages were encryped before transmission and decrypted on the other side. On October 2017, it has signed an agreement with the Italian D-Orbit, to provide launch and deployment services for the upcoming roll out of its constellation.

On December 2017, SAS entered into a $30 million contract with the mobile payment startup BeepTool Communications, to provide affordable messaging and payment services to key African markets. BeepTool will run a field trial of its messaging app using SAS’ 3 Diamonds nano-satellites to ensure its application works seamlessly over SAS network.

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