Strategic Cooperation Between IMI and Beckermus

4 April, 2018

Exclusive: Beckermus to provide New Product Introduction services to Integrated Micro-Electronics from the Philippines, while local Israeli customers of Beckermus will gain Mass Production support from IMI


Israeli Micro-electronics and Micro-photonics production services provider, Beckermus Technologies, has signed a cooperation agreement with the giant Integrated Micro-Electronics (IMI) from the Philippines. During a visit to the company’s production plant in Caesarea, Israel, Techtime has learned that under the new agreement, Beckermus will perform NPI projects for IMI customers in Israel and in Europe, and IMI will help Beckermus to ramp-up its costumers into mass production in IMI’s facilities.

The agreement was signed approximately 8 weeks since IMI started working in the Israeli market. Beckermus expertizes in the microelectronics assemblies and micro-photonics production services up to a precision of 0.5 microns, and owned by the brothers Oren and Oded Beckermus. The company operates automated assembly machines in a 10,000 particles per cubic meter cleanroom, with extra clean areas for highly sensitive projects at levels of 1,000 and 100 particles per cubic meter.

Today, Beckermus builds prototypes for large international development centers operating in Israel, start-up companies and the Israeli electronics industry. It manufactures medical implants and imaging systems, wireless communication, optics and security products. Integrated Micro-Electronics (IMI) is one of the leading global providers of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and power semiconductor assembly and test services (SATS) in the world.

From right to left: Orna Gadel, Oded Beckrmus, Oren Beckermus and Nir Beckermus
From right to left: Orna Gadel, Oded Beckrmus, Oren Beckermus and Nir Beckermus

IMI was ranked 20th in the list of top 30 EMS providers in the world by the Manufacturing Market Insider, based on 2016 revenues. employs 15,000 employees in 20 manufacturing plants operating in China, the Philippines, the United States, Mexico, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

“Every start-up worries about the moment when it needs to move from prototyping to mass production,’ said Oded Beckermus. “When IMI announced it is entering Israel we saw the opportunity to bring our costumers to exploit IMI’s mass production capabilities.” Orna Gadal, business manager of IMI in Israel. said that from IMI’s point of view, Beckermus as a center of excellence in Microelectronics and Optics. “We plan to use Beckermus for the benefit of our costumers worldwide, and provide support for their costumers in the transition to mass production.”

Unexpected Benefits

The cooperation holds unexpected consequences, especially in times of shortage in the Electronics Components market. Oded Beckermus: “IMI gives us leverage when we negotiate with components suppliers. Under the umbrella of IMI, it will be easier to get the Bill of Materials. It is especially important now, when the market suffer a severe allocations condition. Moreover, the cooperation helps both sides with their Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP).”

Precision assembly line at Beckermus Technologies
Precision assembly line at Beckermus Technologies

For Beckermus, the agreement also opens a gateway to the European market. According to Oded, Europe represents huge opportunities: “European companies are facing difficulties in the Microelectronics and Micro-optics production services. Most of the production centers in Europe operate from Universities and cannot answer the needs of the industry.” To pave its way to Europe, Beckermus recently recruited Sarit Tamir, former executive at Code Value, to the role of VP for Business Development with a focus on the Global markets.

For more information:

Sarit Tamir, Beckermus Technologies,, Tel: 972-4-8438868, Mobile: 972-54-6160900

Orna Gadel, IMI Israel,, Tel: 972-9-7934886, Mobile: 972-50-5340081

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