Eyesight completed a $15 Million Growth Round

25 October, 2018

EyeSight's proprietary software for in-cabin sensing is paired with tailored design automotive grade Infra-Red (IR) or Time of Flight (TOF) sensors

Eyesight from Herzliya, near Tel Aviv, announced it completed a $15m growth investment round, led by Jebsen Capital, Arie Capital, Mizrahi Tefahot, among other investors. EyeSight developed a proprietary software for in-cabin sensing which requires either an Infra-Red (IR) or Time of Flight (TOF) sensor. When it is connected to IR sensor, it enables a full range of interactions using gestures to driver monitoring and driver identification. When it is connected to TOF sensor, it offers touch-free gesture interactions for infotainment control, occupancy & upper body detection.

EyeSight’s embedded software solution can be licensed separately using the costumer’s desired IR or TOF sensors. In June 2018 it has joined forces with the Chinese Soling Industrial, a Shenzhen-based Automotive Tier-1 supplier, to bring together advanced driver monitoring technology to the Chinese Automotive market. Soling has been successfully providing components to leading automobile manufacturers such as Mazda, GAC Group, Toyota and Fiat.

In-car Eyesight's gaze recognition
In-car Eyesight’s gaze recognition

Eysight is already running a mutual project with  SEAT from Spain to provide the most advanced sensing technology for the in-car environment that will detect distraction and drowsiness and take action through the car’s safety systems, and in August 2017, Jabil Inc. from Petersburg, Florida, partnered with eyeSight to develop in-car sensing product (photo above) combining Jabil’s automotive-grade optics capabilities with eyeSight’s software. The device assesses the presence of an active and aware driver and provides (HMI).

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