Vayyar Launched a Single-Chip Automotive Radar

10 June, 2019

Vayyar’s Radar on a Chip employs 48 transceivers at 76-81GHz. "We are the first to close the gap between the robustness of radars and the resolution of LiDAR and optics"

Vayyar Imaging from Tel Aviv, announced the launch of its first automotive 4D point cloud application on a single radar chip. 4D point cloud transforms radar technology by constructing a real-time, high-resolution 4D visualization of both in-cabin and car exterior environments. Vayyar’s Radar on a Chip (ROC) has 48 transceivers at 76-81GHz which allows over 2,000 virtual channels. The chip also consists of an internal DSP for real-time signal processing.

This new chip is a variation of its basic technology of 3D radar in a chip. Its former chips consisted of  40 Transceivers array (40 Tx/Rx) and a 72 transmitters and 72 receivers array chip, covering the imaging and radar bands from 3GHz-81GHz with  in one chip. The new CMOS SoC from the company is dedicated to Automotive applications. Along with the antenna array, it creates point cloud which displays the dimension, shape, location and movement of people and objects, enabling the classification of the car’s environment.

“Vayyar is the first to close the gap between the robustness of radars and the resolution of LiDAR and optics,” said Ian Podkamien, Director of Automotive Business Development for Vayyar Imaging. “Our real-time, 4D point cloud solution can work in any environmental condition. We believe our sensors will create a shift in the way the automotive industry will use radar in the future.”

Vayyar is already working in cooperation with big industry leaders. Together with Mini-Circuits, it offer microwave transceiver project kits for for students and university programs in electromagnetic theory, RF/microwave engineering, RF systems, and radar technology. Valeo chose Vayyar’s technology for its automotive sensors to enhance infant passenger safety in vehicles, and Faurecia, one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies, has recently chosen Vayyar’s radar sensors for their automotive “Cockpit of the Future.” The two companies will work together to optimize vehicle safety with constant monitoring and automatic alert services.

Vayyar Imaging was established in December 2011 by the chairman and CEO Raviv Melamed with VP Research and Development Miri Ratner and CTO,Naftali Chayat. Melamed previously held the role of VP and GM of the Mobile Wireless Group at Intel Corp. On December 2017, Vayyar have closed a $45 million financing round co-led by Walden Riverwood and ITI. It brought total capital raised by the company to $79 million USD.

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