Juganu raised $23 million for Connected Metro LED Lighting

21 July, 2019

 Juganu has developed a new platform for the Smart Cities called “Digital World” that combines LED lighting and wireless connectivity

Juganu from Rosh Haayin near Tel aviv, has completed a $23 million financing round led by Viola Growth, with the participation of OurCrowd and undisclosed Mexican investment fund. Based on an innovative LED lighting technology capable of changing light composition, Juganu had developed a new platform for the Smart Cities called “Digital World”. It is an end-to-end solution that utilizes chipsets from Qualcomm Technologies to combine smart lighting, advanced connectivity, and edge processing.

Situated on top metro lighting poles, The Digital World platform offers an AI engine, edge processing architecture, and fast connectivity using the Qualcomm’s Internet Processor IPQ8065,  QCA9984 and QCA9500 Wi-Fi chipsets, and Qualcomm QCS605 system-on-chip (SoC). The platform offers integrated solutions to various smart cities problems, including face recognition, license plate recognition, parking management, suspect tracking, hazard and distress detection, and even deployment of 5G small-cells in public spaces in the near future.

The company said that its “Digital World” platform is already connects lighting fixtures in public spaces, facilitating broadband communications networking of wireless grids, on the back of street lights without requiring expensive fiber optic communication cables. It estimates that the costs of building its communications and lighting-based infrastructure for municipal authorities saves up to 90% of the costs of solutions applied today, and reduces the consumption of public electricity by up to 80%.

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