OriginGPS Unveiled Miniature Dual Frequency GNSS Board

22 October, 2019

Measuring just 10x10 mm, the new ORG4600-B01 module supports L1 + L5 GNSS signals with one RF port. It was developed in collaboration with Broadcom

OriginGPS, from Israel, announced its first dual-frequency GNSS module that enables customers to build solutions with sub-1m accuracy in real-world operating conditions without implementing external components. Measuring just 10×10 mm, the new ORG4600-B01 module supports L1 + L5 GNSS signals with one RF port, enabling the use of a low-cost solution. It is ideally suited for solutions requiring ultra-accurate positioning, such as telematics, IoT and On-board diagnostics applications.

According to ABI Research, the long-awaited dual frequency infrastructure support begins to enter the market. “This year has seen several satellites launched into orbit every month, most of them fitted with L5/E5 capabilities, and the Chinese and European Union governments plan to have their satellite constellations fully operational by 2020,” said Haim Goldberger, CEO of OriginGPS.

Close Cooperation with Broadcom

“Developing the ORG4600-B01 module with the BCM47758 GNSS receiver chip by Broadcom Inc. was the fastest and surest way to add a high quality dual frequency module to our portfolio and meet increasing requirements for ultra-accurate GNSS modules.”

Prasan Pai, product marketing director for the Wireless Communications and Connectivity at Broadcom, said that the collaboration with OriginGPS has created the industry’s smallest dual-frequency module with ‘no compromise’ quality. “This collaboration enables Broadcom to reach new markets, such as precision agriculture, security, children tracking and fleet management.”

EU Funding for OriginIoT

OriginGPS develops fully-integrated, miniaturized GNSS, and integrated IoT solutions. In September 2019 it won a grant from the Horizon 2020 Innovation Program of the European Commission, to promote its OriginIoT cellular IoT system, as a platform to accelerate cellular IoT development without additional embedded code, hardware or RF design and through an open-source web application.

“This award enables us to develop enhancements from our customers’ wish lists, including enabling customers to select in real-time between MQTT and real-time streaming, Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) for wireless software updates, and OriginLabs, offering complete device development services from the web,” said Haim Goldberger.


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