Newsight Imaging Launched 3D Depth Sensor

29 October, 2019

With a resolution of 1024X32 pixels, 10 bit ADC, hardware processing and eTOF distance measurements, the new NSI1000 targets car safety applications such as ADAS and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)

Photo above: Newsight’s CEO Eli Assoolin during Smart Mobility Conference, this week in Tel Aviv

Newsight Imaging from Ness-Ziona, near Tel-Aviv, announced the launch of its first area sensor chip that enables LiDAR-like application using a CMOS image sensor. The new chip, NSI1000, provides up to 50,000 frames per second (on the line resolution) and fully supports Newsight Imaging’s enhanced Time Of Flight (eTOF™) technology that enables the customer to employ a low-power eye-safe laser, with  a multi-triangulation option and line triangulation.

Along the sensor,  NSI1000 is a full system Equipped with 10 bit A2D and a processing hardware to deal with features such as auto-exposure and integrated peak detection capabilities. Samples of NSI1000 will be available by the end of 2019. It was designed for applications such as Robotics LiDAR and AR/VR. The sensor is composed of 32 rows x 1024 pixels, and another 4 rows x 1024 pixels which are analog binned to form an ultra-high sensitive matrix.

Newsight’s eTOF technology bridges the gap between short-distance iTOF (indirect Time Of Flight) and the long distance of up to 200m, required by automotive regulations. By measuring the time interval between a laser pulse and its return signal, it can detect real distance per every pixel, in day and night conditions. The sensor is manufactured by TowerJazz in CMOS technology.

The company revealed it had already started collaborating with selected customers specializing in automotive applications such as multi‑channel LiDARs for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), Smart Mirrors and other high volume applications requiring accurate 3D face recognition but that does not violate user privacy. Newsight’s CEO and Co-founder, Eli Assoolin, told Techtime that NSI1000 is the first product in a series of new line of sensors, “based on our eTOF Technology.”

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