Innoviz Introduced Next Generation LiDAR

15 October, 2020

The new InnovizTwo provides 70% cost reduction compared to earlier sensors. "The automotive industry needs to introduce L2+ functionality - with hardware that supports automation of L3 and L4"

Innoviz Technologies announced the launching of InnovizTwo – the next generation of its solid-state automotive-grade LiDAR sensor. The company declined to provide any technical details but said the new sensor provides a major cost reduction design of over 70% compared to InnovizOne, along with significant performance improvement. Samples of InnovizTwo will be available in Q3 2021, with full production expected to begin in 2022.

The first generation LiDAR sensor, InnovizOne, was chosen by BMW for its upcoming autonomous vehicle production platforms. It is expected that it will be installed in BMW’s electric SUV iNEXT, planned to go to the market in late 2021 or in the begininig of 2022. This  905 nm laser wavelength sensor provides detection range of 20cm to 600m with accuracy of 3cm, field of view (HxV) of 73°x20° and frame rate of 10 FPS.

A migration path for Fully Autonomous Vehicle

Omer Keilaf, CEO and co-founder of Innoviz, told Techtime that the rapid cost performance improvement is a result of several improvements made inside the three main chips that runs the sensor: Its MEMS scanner, the ASIC computing unit and the detector of the returning light. “But”, he added, “the importance of InnovizTwo is laying elswhere.

“We know how difficult it is to introduce a fully validated L3 platform to the market. Taking such a big step is possible by only a few car manufacturers. InnovizTwo solves a significant bottleneck in the industry: It will allow more car makers to offer safe L2+, while paving the path to full L3 automation in efficient and safe way.”

In fact, Keilf explains that it is all about a migration path. “To allow a safe and smooth adoption of automation, the industry needs to introduce L2+ functionality – with hardware that supports L3 and L4.

“With more vehicles effectively equipped with advanced sensors, car manufacturers will be able to collect roadway data and release more advanced functions to those same vehicles via over-the-air updates. To pursue this, hardware must fulfill more advanced technical requirements, while also coming under the price point of today’s L2 technology.”

What are L2, L3, L4?

Autonomous level are defined as Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4. Level 2 (L2) means Partial Automation. The vehicle can control both steering and accelerating/decelerating, human supervision is always required. Level 3 (L3) represent High Automation. The vehicle can perform all driving functions under certain circumstances in which no human supervision is required. The driver is required to be able to regain control. L4 (Level 4) is Fully Automated. The vehicle can perform all driving tasks in specific geographical areas without requiring human presence.

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