Synopsys Acquired Light Tec

24 November, 2020

Light Tec is a French-based provider of optical scattering measurements solutions. Synopsys targets the market of unified design platform that combine electronics design tools with optics design tools

Synopsys has acquired Light Tec, a French-based provider of optical scattering measurements solutions. The acquisition allows Synopsys to combine its optical design software tools with Light Tec’s solutions expands customer access to precision light scattering data for materials and media used in optical systems.

The terms of the deal were not being disclosed. Light scattering data provides designers with accurate information to predict how light reflects and transmits in an optical system. It is used to obtain high-precision simulation results for a wide range of applications such as optical sensors, displays, semiconductors, and luminaires. Light scattering data is also important for demonstrating optical product spectral behavior in photorealistic renderings.

“Light Tec’s optical measurement capabilities provide our customers with robust new tools for high-accuracy optical product simulations and visualizations,” said Dr. Howard Ko, general manager of Synopsys’ Silicon Engineering Group. Synopsys is in a process of expanding its presence in the optics market design tools. In September, 2020, it launched the OptoCompiler platform for photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design.

Unified Electronics and Photonics Design Tool

OptoCompiler is one of the industry’s first unified electronic and photonic design platform that combines industry-proven electronic design tools with optical design tools. Widespread implementation of PICs has, until now, been impeded because many design tools were intended for electronics rather than photonics. As a result, photonic design has largely been the domain of experts who could build their own tools or repurpose a disparate toolset.

OptoCompiler provides support for electronic-photonic co-design to ensure scalable design processes. “With OptoCompiler, we aim to make photonic design as productive as digital,” said Tom Walker, group director of Synopsys’ Photonic Solutions. Synopsys started this move in 2012, when it acquired RSoft Design Group, a provider of photonics design and simulation software headquartered in New York.

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