50,000 dominican women will be screened for cervical cancer using MobileODT AI-based technology

6 March, 2021

The project is led by the dominican goverment and it follows a succesful pilot in participation of 6,000 local women. MobileODT device allows to preform the test using the smartphone

According to GlobalCan data, cervical cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer among the general population in the Dominican Republic, and the second most common among women. In 2020, about 1,074 cases of cervical cancer were diagnosed. With a high cervical cancer rate among the Dominican Republic women population, early prevention can make a huge impact, saving lives and changing the outcomes for so many women. Furthermore, it can help the government save significant funds that would have been otherwise directed to the treatment.

A Mobile Colposcopy Using Smartphones

MobileODT, which was established in 2012 and is now run by the CEO Leon Boston, developed an inexpensive and mobile kit called EVA System, which is based on the smartphone’s photography and processing abilities and allows it to perform the vaginal colposcopy. The kit includes a zoom lense that is attached to the smartphone camera and a powerful lighting unit that allows clear imaging of the cervix. After the test, the images can be sent to gynecologists and experts through the application for diagnosis. In addition, the product also includes a smart decoding of the test, based on algorithms developed using machine learning performed on large databases of patient’s cervical imaging.

This assessment allows nurses, midwives and therapists to simply perform the diagnostic test even in remote locations and countries in which medical infrastructure is lacking, and thus help lessen the cervical cancer mortality rates. The EVA System kit which received FDA approval in 2016, is sold today in about 30 countries and is in use in 60 clinics in the US.

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