Cloud-Wise Introduces  a new Connectivity platform for the Automotive Industry 

22 September, 2022

Cloud Wise Services has been implemented in several car fleets in France and is expected to be soon implemented in world-renown tier 1 car OEM and insurance companies

Israeli-based Cloud-Wise launches the Cloud Wise Services (CWS) platform which enables car manufacturers and insurance companies to be part of the connected car revolution by identifying accidents, driver behavior, and payment services such as fuel, charging, tolls, and parking, based on traffic and location information.

Connected Car Services is the latest revolution in the automotive industry. It joins the electric car revolution to enable, for the first time, the automobile to evolve from an independent entity into a device connected to data and services that provides real-time warnings, hazard management, connectivity to smart road services, smart transportation, and other surrounding systems.

CWS is a new SAAS platform delivering a one-stop-shop user experience for road services including gas station payments, electric car charging, parking payments, toll road payments, and discount programs to insurance companies (UBI) by gathering car data such as mileage, driving duration, and driver’s course.

The technology has been successfully implemented in several car fleets in Europe and is expected to be implemented in several world-renowned companies in the automotive and insurance industries. In addition, the company achieved success with POC (Proof of Concept) testing performed that included vehicle crash tests.

Cloud Wise Services (CWS) SAAS software enables gathering and identifying car data in real-time either by using a module integrated into the automobile as a part of the car’s native onboard computer or with the patented I-Sticker device that targets the aftermarket industry.  

The I-Sticker aftermarket product is a small, flat, lightweight device that adheres to the windshield with peel-and-stick 3M® heat/cold resistant adhesive pads. I-Sticker is not a regular telematics device. It is independent and self-powered IOT technology that doesn’t require ANY installation. The I-Sticker is not connected to any of the vehicle’s wires and therefore does not expose the system to hackers or malicious users while protecting the driver’s privacy.

The I-Sticker aftermarket product enables deployment to the mass market and enables conversion of any older vehicle into a connected vehicle. This advantage enables service car providers to receive personalized warnings and data in real time for immediate and advanced services, saving time and money for all parties: drivers, service providers, insurance companies, service stations, charging stations, tow-truck services, parking lots, convenience stations, and more.

Connectivity with Cloud Wise Services (CWS) supplies a wide range of data usage and services for the driver’s benefit such as identifying information on accidents, predicting malfunctions based on car data, driver profile analysis, accurate scheduling for car servicing according to the actual condition of the car, various discount programs for roadside services, opening a claim without the need for a car expert, market places and more.

CWS improves service quality provided by, and given to, the driver by making processes more efficient which ultimately can lead to cost savings.  For example: real-time accident reports, real-time transmission of data to the car manufacturer, insurance companies, garage service centers, payments according to accumulated credits, and more. In addition, Cloud Wise provides for native vehicle CDM crash detection models. This module is based on an artificial neural network that analyzes all crashes from 10km/h and can estimate damage assessment including cost of parts.

Amir Lorber CEO, “With the (CWS) platform the revolution is now possible. For the first time, road services can be applied to any vehicle: gas station payment, electric car charging, parking payments, toll road payments, and programs to reimburse insurance companies (UBI) by gathering car data such as mileage, drive duration, and driver’s course.”

Cloud-Wise is an Israeli-based start-up founded by two veteran entrepreneurs in the automotive industry, Amir Lorber CEO and Shaya Redler. Amir Lorber was the leader of telematics at Orpak Systems where, for over 10 years, he led end-to-end solutions for fuel and fleet management. 


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