Coilcraft Announced Inductors for Extreme Conditions

29 November, 2022

The new products are aimed for use in ultra-critical applications. They are specially designed and tested to meet or exceed NASA’s demanding low-outgassing specifications

photo above: AT392RAS are a 240°C Air Core Inductors fit for aerospace and military applications

US-based Coilcraft has introduced new families of transformers and power inductors for aerospace, military and other highly-critical applications. The AE458RFW Series are Miniature wideband transformers, that are re specially designed and tested to meet or exceed NASA’s demanding low-outgassing specifications. With 300  V inter-winding isolation and ¼ watt RF input power capability, they are well suited to a broad range of applications.

CPS AE458RFW Series offers a full-rated ambient temperature range of -55°C to +105°C, with unlimited floor life at <30°C/85 percent relative humidity. It provides high current capacity (250 mA),  300V inter-winding isolation and ¼ watt RF input power capability . The footprint is 4.19 x 4.55 mm, with a height of 3.05 mm.

The new AT392RAS air-core inductors allow operation in ambient temperatures as low as –60°C and up to 240°C. They are designed for VHF-UHF RF applications where aerospace/military-level performance is required, and appear with 5 inductance values from 8.1 to 27.3 nH. Q ratings are as high as 130, with current handling of up to 4 amps. Flat top and bottom provide reliable pick-and-place assembly.

Coilcraft AE619PYA Series are composite-core surface mount inductors for military and aerospace applications, such as driver circuitry, DC-DC converters, switching power supplies, power inverters, and filters. Soft saturation makes them ideal for voltage regulator module (VRM/VRD) applications.

The AE619PYA is offered in 10 inductance values ranging from 0.4 µH – 6.1 µH. Special composite core construction and larger gauge windings provide high current handling of up to 111 Amps. They provide a full-rated temperature range of -55° to +115°, DC resistance down to 0.70 mOhms, and self-shielded construction.





Coilcraft is represented and supported in Israel by Elina Electronic Engineering Group.

For more information contact Eng. Avi Elia, tel: +972-54-7532262

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