0201HT (0603) Low Profile Chip Inductor

15 May, 2024

Coilcraft announced one of the tiniest RF inductors available, weights only up to 0.24 mg

Coilcraft announced one of the tiniest inductors available: The new tiny The 0201HT is the industry’s lowest profile 0201-sized (metric 0603) chip inductor with a maximum height of just 0.28 mm. It has significantly higher Q and lower DCR than similarly sized thin-film types and is optimized for high-frequency impedance matching in applications such as cell phones, wearable devices, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and LTE/5G IoT networks.
The 0201 sized inductor provides a low-profile with 0.28 mm maximum height, excellent Q compared to non-wirewound alternatives at this height and Very high SRF – as high as 36 GHz. It Core Material is Ceramic. Weight is 0.14 – 0.24 mg.



Coilcraft is represented and supported in Israel by Elina Electronic Engineering Group.

For more information contact Eng. Avi Elia, tel: +972-54-7532262


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