TI demonstrate industrial, automotive and smart energy developments at electronica 2012

8 November, 2012

FREISING (Oct. 30, 2012) – At electronica 2012 in Munich, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) will showcase how its technology enables customers to create a smarter, safer, greener and healthier world. Under the theme of ‘Engineering the world,’ TI provides insight into what can be achieved using its latest innovations in the areas of industrial, automotive and smart energy. Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on demonstrations that reveal how analog and embedded processing solutions are unlocking the possibilities of the world as it could be. Further details on TI’s presence can be found at www.ti.com/electronica2012-pr-eu.


Main highlights of the TI booth:


  • Industrial: TI’s rich ecosystem of analog and embedded processing components, software, tools and support help developers design robust industrial solutions quickly. At electronica 2012, the company will illustrate the breadth of its capabilities with examples focusing on industrial safety and automation, industrial communications and data acquisition within harsh environments. A circular saw demonstration will show the standardized safety functions of electric motor drives based on TI silicon. Other demonstrations will illustrate IO processing synchronization by means of PLC-based capture and control of an LED strobe on a rotating disc. Show attendees will also see how a ‘Harsh Environment Acquisition Terminal’ speeds and simplifies design of a complete, qualified signal chain solution for use in operating environments with temperatures up to 210°C.


  • Automotive: TI’s commitment to innovating automotive technologies that sustain safer, greener and more enjoyable driving experiences will be underlined by its exhibits at electronica 2012. The first demonstration will feature a stereo camera delivering real-time 3D-analytics used for ‘Advanced Driver Assistance Systems‘, allowing visitors to experience how object detection works. A second demonstration, comprising a complete center-stack, will provide an indication of how future infotainment systems may look, using a free-form display and touchscreen. Consumer-to-automotive wireless connectivity solutions, such as media streaming between tablets and in-car-entertainment systems, are shown at a third demo pod.


  • Smart Energy: TI will showcase analog and embedded processing solutions to engineer the future of smart energy and the smart grid, using a home as an example. The visitor starts at the door, ringing the doorbell. TI’s low power wireless technologies communicate to a gateway that then displays the person at the door through an IP Net Cam. Turning the lights on, using an energy harvesting battery-less switch with wireless communications powered by TI, he then looks at the different energy consumption of the LED light versus incandescent lights. Going to the living room, the visitor can get a reading from a ZigBee sensor via a tablet, or go to the smart thermostat to control the temperature. The tablet, which is being wireless charged, can also transmit the information via Wi-Fi to the TV. On the roof are solutions TI is offering for renewable energy PV solar systems. While the basement shows the connection to the smart grid. Energy gateways and smart meters (electricity/water/gas/heat) measure, analyze and communicate via ‘Power Line Communication‘ (PLC) or RF to a data concentrator, which then aggregates and communicates to utility servers.


Embedded Platforms Conference

TI will support the Embedded Platforms Conference with the following presentations:

  • Day 1, November 14. Session 6 – ARM, Processor Selection, LINUX, Certification
    • The ARM architecture on its way to industry – Frank Walzer, TI (13:30-14:15)
    • Day 2, November 15. Session 8 – Multicore, ARM, Safety
      • Multicore efficiency: how TI enables high-performance computing, maximizing GFLOPS/Watt – Jochen Schyma, TI (09:00-09:45)
      • Helping developers unleash the best of ARM to the industrial market (OMAP focused) – Yves Masse, TI (09:45-10:30)
      • TI’s microcontroller solutions for safety-critical control applications – Gerhard Wenderlein, TI, Dr. Kurt Bohringer, Hitex Development Tools GmbH (11:00-12:30)


TI Analog Design Contest

The Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest, a European initiative to encourage system-related design in universities, will reach its climax in the Automotive Forum on Tuesday, November 13, between 11:00 and 13:00. Four teams, selected from more than 500 students who entered, will present their projects on stage and the winner will then be announced.


Learn more about TI’s presence at electronica 2012:


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About Texas Instruments

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