Synopsys Plans More R&D Verification Jobs Israel

27 January, 2013

Chairman and co-CEO Aart de Geus: "Israel is a vibrating environment. We are now focusing our efforts on integrating our technologies into a unified platform

Synopsys Chairman and co-Chief Executive Officer Dr. Aart de Geus
Synopsys Chairman and co-Chief Executive Officer Dr. Aart de Geus

The EDA solutions provider, Synopsys, plans to expand its activities in Israel and increase the capacity of its local development center in Verification process. Currently, the center employs about 20 experts in electronic designs authentication (verification). Synopsys Chairman and co-Chief Executive Officer Dr. Aart de Geus told Techtime that company’s main investments in 2013 will be focused in Verification.

“We recently acquired a lot of new technologies that we are now integrating into a unified platform.” Dr. Aart de Geus  talked with Techtime during his visit to Israel this week. “This place has become a vibrating center of excellence in technology and entrepreneurial. For us this is an important place to be, since there are major development centers of leading companies such as Broadcom, Qualcomm, Marvell, Intel and others. They help us understand the major trends and future needs of the semiconductors market. It is important in refining our roadmap and evaluating our growth strategy.”

SYNOPSYS_HQSynopsys is one of the largest providers of electronic chip design solutions, from the physical design level to the system level. The company headquartered from California and employs about 8,000 workers. Its 2012 sales reached $1.76 billion – an increase of 14% compared to 2011. Aart de Geus forecasted 2013 results will grow to $1.975 billion.

How can you evaluate the annual results?

Aart de Geus: “We are working on a three-year rental model and distribute our income according to the rental period. It means that approximately 80% of our 2013 revenues are registered now as backlog orders. So we have a very good idea about our expected income.”

During the recent year Synopsys accomplished staggering number of 9 mergers and acquisitions totaled $1 billion. It includes the $400 million deal to buy the Taiwanese firm SpringSoft, that brought Synopsys its expertise in Analog and Mixed Signal design tools.

“The chip industry is moving to System on Chip solution and the integration is more important than Moore’s Law. We are now focusing our efforts to integrate our technologies into a unified platform because in the world of SoC all the building blocks must be aligned perfectly. A failure of one component will result in the failure of the complete project.”

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