LifeBEAM Brings F-16 Fighter-Jet Sensor Technology to Help Bike Riders

7 March, 2013

LifeBEAM’s sensor has been built-in to the Lazer Sports helmet and will be completely invisible to the user. The unique opto-electric sensor was also embedded into Elbit Systems smart helmet for F-16 pilots

The technology was embedded into Elbit Systems smart helmet for F-16 pilots

LIFEBEAM_ELBIT_HELMETThe Israeli startup LifeBEAM, develops smart bicycle helmet with built-in heart rate sensor. The company has teamed up with leading helmet maker Lazer Sports to provide cyclists with a hassle-free heart rate sensor that works with most leading monitoring devices, fitness watches, and smartphones.

The company unveiled today an Indiegogo campaign ( for its first consumer product, and raised more than $13,ooo within few hours. LifeBEAM was founded in 2010 and has been working closely with different Aerospace and Defense organizations on the development of remote physiological monitoring applications for Special Forces and Air Forces.

Its  technology is based on state-of-the-art, non-invasive optical methods to perform high-accuracy measurement of various physiological parameters such as, heart-rate, blood flow, SpO2 and more. The solution also includes  MEMS physical sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, barometers, and thermometers in order to measure user activity status, posture, altitude changes, and environmental state.

LIFEBEAM_SPORTIts leading product, Quantum, was developed by LifeBEAM Technologies and Elbit Systems with the cooperation of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) as the first product in the world to monitor pilots during flight. LifeBEAM’s optical technology is integrated into Elbit’s widespread smart helmets and measures blood flow (perfusion), pulse rate, and SpO2.

NASA prefers Non-Invasive Sensors

Advanced algorithms integrate several sources of information: pilot’s physiology, aircraft’s physics (G-forces, velocity, altitude & positioning) and pilot’s head & body postures. By using machine learning & neural network methods,Quantum detects life-threatening situations and provides immediate alerts to both air & ground crew. The system was evaluated during F-16 flights and at NASA’s training facilities.

For its first consumer product, LifeBEAM has partnered with leading bicycle manufacture Lazer Sports to integrate LifeBEAM in one of its popular helmets – the Genesis. Currently, there are limited options for bikers to obtain accurate heart rate data. Almost all of these involve a relatively inconvenient chest strap that monitors EKG data. LifeBEAM’s sensor has been built-in to the Lazer Sports helmet and will be completely invisible to the user. The sensor uses ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 to send heart data to leading devices such as Garmin heart rate monitors and almost any type of smartphone app.

The company said it plans to continue developing its technology. “Our team has been working to implement technology that before existed only in theory or laboratory settings,” said Omri Yoffe, CEO of LifeBEAM. “We want to bring this same powerful technology to the broad consumer market as we see incredible potential to disrupt the sports and health industry with a far more useful heart rate monitoring technology.”



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