Intel’s new CEO, Brian Krzanich, cuts Perlmutter’s responsibilities

24 May, 2013

The businesses and engineering groups of the Intel Architecture Group, that currently are under Perlmutter's resposibility, will report directly to Krzanich

Brian M. Krzanich, the new chief executive officer (CEO) of Intel Corporation, initiates a structural re-organization

David Perlmutter
David Perlmutter

Only a week after he entered to his position, 0n May 16, 2013, the company gave some glimpses about his intentions. In an 8-K document the company filed this week to SEC, it outlined some details about the future changes. Among them: shifting responsibilities from David (Dadi) Perlmutter, that was mentioned as a possible contender to the CEO position.

Today David Perlmutter is serving as an executive vice president, general manager of the Intel Architecture Group (IAG) and chief product officer of Intel Corporation. He is responsible for Intel’s platform solutions for all computing segments including datacenters, desktops, laptops, handhelds, embedded devices, and consumer electronics.

The document says that: “in connection with a number of organizational changes, David Perlmutter, General Manager, Intel Architecture Group, will lead a management transition effort under which the businesses and engineering groups that currently are within Intel Architecture Group, including Datacenter and Connected Solutions Group and PC Client Group, will report directly to Mr. Krzanich”.

The change may be attributed to Krzanich’s plans to focus Intel in the mobile segment. In recent years Intel failed to become a leader in the growing market of smartphones and tablets.

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