Flash Networks Acquires Mobixell Networks

7 January, 2014

Flash Networks has decided to become the Leading Mobile Data Optimization and Monetization Company in the worldwide market

“Oour combined R&D strength will accelerate the speed of innovation to our products”

Liam Galin, President and CEO of Flash Networks
Liam Galin, President and CEO of Flash Networks

Flash Networks announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Mobixell, a dominant player in mobile data management, network optimization, and rich media delivery solutions. This acquisition results in a combined market share larger than any other independent vendor, with hundreds of deployments, serving over one billion subscribers worldwide.

The deal is expected to be formally closed by the end of January 2014. Flash Networks and Mobixell provide of mobile Internet optimization and monetization solutions. Sitting at the core of the network, they accelerate LTE networks by 50% and reduces web and video traffic data by 30%, while providing operators with in-depth traffic analytics and user insights.

This synergistic union will enable Flash Networks to meet the growing demand for data optimization, acceleration, and monetization services following the explosive growth of new consumer devices, rich multimedia content, and high speed 3G, 4G, and LTE networks. By joining forces, the two companies’ complementary market presence and technological and commercial strengths will enable Flash Networks to offer operators best-of-breed mobile web and video optimization and monetization services, while continuing to maintain its commitment to existing customers.

“With the ever growing demand for our offering, this collaborative venture is an important step in establishing our dominance in the global market,” said Liam Galin, President and CEO of Flash Networks. “As the largest player in this domain, our combined R&D strength will accelerate the speed of innovation to evolve our already ground breaking products. As we are interested in extending our position in the mobile operator market, Flash Networks is committed to continuing support of Mobixell’s solutions and customers.”

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