Orbotech cut a $55 Million Deal to CEC Panda’s New TFT Fab

24 July, 2014

Orbotech's equipment will be installed at the new G8.5 production line under construction at a total investment value of $4.7 Billion

VP at CEC Panda: “Choosing Orbotech was simply the logical choice”

TFT in production at CEC Panda
TFT in production at CEC Panda

Orbotech Ltd., from Yavne, Israel, announced today that TFT LCD panel maker Nanjing CEC Panda LCD Technology Co., has selected Orbotech as the inspection, testing and repair equipment vendor for its new Gen 8.5 fab in Nanjing, China. CEC Panda placed orders totaling approximately $55 million for Orbotech’s newly introduced systems. Installation is expected to commence in the fourth quarter of 2014 and to continue throughout the first half of 2015.

CEC Panda has decided to install: The Orbotech Quantum automated optical inspection (AOI) system for performing multiple inspections and detecting previously undetectable defects, Orbotech’s Process Saver – with its highly specialized short pulse laser and FSM (fast steering mirror) technology, enables small devices to be repaired and restored to full functionality, and The Array Checker 6088 – the latest model of Orbotech’s array testing products.

Mr. Sun Xue Jun., Vice President at CEC Panda, stated: “Choosing Orbotech as our testing and repair solutions technology provider was simply the logical choice given the company’s unmatched reputation and over 30 years experience developing the industry’s leading technologies. Orbotech was able to meet the high demands required of our advanced TFT applications.”

CEC Panda was established in July 2012. China Electronics Corporation (CEC) holds 38.082% of its shares, while CEC Panda Group holds 17.143%. The company is setting up a G8.5 production line at a total investment value of $4.7 Billion.

The project was initiated in July 2013. Following a construction period of 20 months and a ramp up period of 9 months, output is expected to reach a production capacity of 60,000 substrates (2200mm × 2500mm) per month, with expansion potential of up to 75,000 substrates per month. The G8.5 production line incorporates some of the latest cutting-edge technologies including metallic oxide TFT (IGZO) technology, 4K2K (UHD) technology, touch screen technology, ultra narrow bezel technology and more.

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