OCSiAl shows Nanotubes Mass Production

3 November, 2014

OCSiAl operates the world’s first mass production process for single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT). The new technology attracts the interest of electronics and industrial companies in Israel

OCSiAl has invented and has been operating the world’s first mass production process for single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs)


International nanotechnology company OCSiAl will introduce for the first time in Israel a technology which significantly improves industrial materials, through the addition of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). The announcement will be part of a technological-scientific conference on carbon nanotubes, which will be held at the Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials at Bar Ilan University on November 13th. OCSiAl has invented and has been operating the world’s first mass production process for single wall carbon nanotubes, a process which redefines the market and reduces the cost of the current production process by a factor of up to 100.

Konstantin Notman, Ocsial VP
Konstantin Notman, Ocsial VP

The technology attracts the interest of industrial companies in Israel. Tens of representatives from various companies have already registered to the conference, including representatives from Keter Plastic, Intel, HP, Vulcan Volta, IAI, Rafael, Elbit, 3M, Kodak and many other companies.

In addition to the industrial experts, the conference will be attended by scientists from all the research universities in Israel and Soreq Nuclear Research Center.

OCSiAl’s core product is TUBALL – a unique material which contains 75% and more of single wall carbon nanotubes and can be used as a universal additive for a wide range of materials and carriers. TUBALL delivers improvements of materials’ properties starting from adding 0.001% – 0.1% weight. OCSiAl developed a range of industrial modifiers based on TUBALL for TCF (Touch Screen panels), polymers, structural composites, rubber goods, cathode materials for li-ion batteries.

Ocsial production facility at Novosibirsk, Russia
Ocsial production facility at Novosibirsk, Russia

The conference will be the first Israeli event which will introduce TUBALL based industrial modifiers. The event will include the world’s first demonstration of very promising results gained by TUBALL with concrete and other new products.

According to OCSiAl’s prediction, by 2018 the total demand for SWCNT by the various industries is expected to reach approximately 1500 tonnes per year. OCSiAl’s unique and versatile technology in expected to accelerate the growth of this market through putting news classes of materials into use.

“Israel is one of the world’s leading knowledge and innovation centers in nanotechnology. As such, this market is very interesting for OCSiAl,” said Konstantin Notman, Vice President of OCSiAl. “Already today, we are working with several industrial companies in Israel and we aim to extend our Israeli customer base and deepen the cooperation with local academic organizations.”

About OCSiAl

OCSiAl is an international nanotechnology company with operations in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Russia and South Korea, and headquarters in Luxemburg. OCSiAl employs 160 workers, including 22 scientists and 17 experienced managers. The company develops its partnerships with more than 300 largest multinationals and technology firms who are global leaders in their respective areas such as chemicals,

automotive, tires and rubber products, carbon and glass composites, polymers, coatings and paints, non-ferrous metals, lithium–ion batteries, displays, and others. In November 2013, the company launched the world’s largest industrial production facility for carbon nanotubes, with a capacity of up to 10 ton per year.

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