Digi-Key and Accelerated Designs to Provide Symbols for 7.2M Components

22 November, 2015

Included in the offering is Ultra Librarian symbol and footprint library management software that is compatible with nearly all EDA tools

Included in the offering is Ultra Librarian symbol and footprint library management software that is compatible with nearly all EDA tools


The online global distributor of electronics components, Digi-Key Electronics, announced an exclusive, global agreement to distribute software and design data from Accelerated Designs.  Accelerated Designs provides EDA-tool-neutral software and data of new parts when designing circuits and printed circuit boards.

It’s flagship product is Ultra Librarian, which is used to create and export symbols and footprints in a format that is compatible with nearly any EDA tool depending on one’s license.  This enables to maintain a central repository of common components or approved parts lists/libraries (APLs) and allow engineers to use nearly any EDA tool they want fortheir design.

“Digi-Key is extremely pleased to sign Accelerated Designs as a supplier. This means you can obtain libraries of symbols and footprints for hundreds of thousands Digi-Key’s parts, indexed with a Digi-Key part number, and compatible with your EDA tool,” said Randall Restle, Digi-Key Vice-President of Application Engineering. “Nearly all popular EDA tools are supported with Accelerated Designs.”

Ultra Librarian uses the concept of templates to create parts, which increases accuracy, speed, and consistency of part creation and allows global changes to be made to your library. It allows the user to build their component accurately one time and then export it to the CAD tool(s) of their choice. Additionally, Accelerated Designs provides a large library of components with 7.2 million parts.

“Accelerated Designs filled the gap that no one in the industry effectively addressed,” said Restle.  “Finally, engineers can get a symbol and footprint for a device without having to create them one by themselves. By virtue of working with Accelerated Designs to build libraries of symbols and footprints of their newest devices, Digi-Key will automatically distribute those design assets for them and on the web pages where they will be found.“

Digi-Key Electronics, based in Thief River Falls, Minn., is a global, full-service provider of both prototype/design and production quantities of electronic components, offering more than three million products from over 650 quality name-brand manufacturers. With over one million products in stock and a wide selection of online resources, Digi-Key plans to stock the broadest range of electronic components in the industry.

More information: http://www.digikey.com.

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