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19 April, 2016

Cellomat's surprising automated station consists of a robotic system and a unique customer user interface. It will be deployed worldwide during the next quarter

Cellomat’s surprising automated station consists of a robotic system and a unique customer user interface. It will be produced by Flex in Israel, to be deployed worldwide during the next quarter

Cellomat CEO Itzik Chayon
Cellomat CEO Itzik Chayon

An Israeli startup company, Cellomat, plans to change the way people interact with cellphone repair services. Cellomat has developed automatic repair and purchasing station to automate this frustrating process. The new stand alone station includes a robotic system and a unique customer user interface, designed to fulfill a complete cycle of delivering the device for repair or buying new device within 4 minutes.

The idea is to simplify the supply chain and operations of mobile service providers, retail chains and various service providers.

Cellomat also signed an agreements with multiple distributors and service providers, opening the door for the deployment of the novel servicing stations as soon as Q2 of 2016. The station will be deployed in various locations in Europe, the U.S and Asia.

The Israeli Startup has only recently raised $5 million from investors, and is preparing for a further funding round in order to accelerate global marketing and sales.

Automated service experience

“The automated service stations we are launching in Israel and around the world will set a new service standard in the cellular world, the same as ATM machined have done in the world of banking,” said Cellomat CEO Itzik Chayon. Cellomat was founded early in 2012, and is based in Natanya, a coastal town north of Tel-Aviv boasting a strong high-tech industry park.

Cellomat’s service platform allows the customer to specify the cellphone malfunction, to retrieve a replacement kit and to perform a variety of actions such as transferring contact lists and data to the replacement device. When the customer’s device is repaired, he receives a SMS Message inviting him to collect his repaired device from a Cellomat service automat of his choice.

Cellomat’s platform is also a distribution and sales outlet enabling customers to buy new devices in real time. It offers additional services such as real-time business intelligence analytics. Cellomat has signed a manufacturing agreement with Israeli Flex (previously Flextronics).

According to Chayon, Cellomat provides an answer to many problems plaguing service providers and retailers,  such as long waiting times in call centers and the need for customers to frequent service centers. “Now customers can enjoy a fast and pleasant automated service experience. The combination of operating costs reduction and a notable service enhancement achieved by 24/7, accessible automatic stations will undoubtedly help to open new revenue for the industry.”

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