Israeli Solaredge wins the Intersolar award for its HD-Wave technology inverter

30 June, 2016

The company’s unique inverter based on HD-Wave technology won the Intersolar prize in the photovoltaics category in the prestigious exhibition held in Munich. The looming acquisition of solarCity by Tesla weighs on the Israeli company’s future prospects

SolarEdge’s HD-Wave inverter

Israeli SolaEdge, A developer and producer of solar inverters, power optimizers and control and monitoring solutions for the solar energy sector won the Intersolar prize in the photovoltaics category. The intersolar prize is awarded during the Intersolar exhibition in Munich – one of the leading solar energy events worldwide. LG and M10 industries were among also among the winners of intersolar prizes this year.

The Israeli company won the prestigious prize for the development of a unique inverter based on HD-Wave technology developed by SolarEdge. The inerter is unique due to its small size and outstanding efficiency of 99%. By employing distributed switching and advanced digital processing to synthesize a clean, high-definition sine wave, HD-Wave inverters have <1/2 the heat dissipation, 16x less magnetics, and 2.5x less cooling components than current SolarEdge inverters, which are already among the smallest on the market. Inverters powered by HD-Wave technology are ≤6kW, 14.5L, ≤9.5kg and have 99% weighted efficiency.

The reduction of magnetic components number, as well as the unique properties of the silicon MOSFET used for the multi-level switching ensuring low switching and conduction losses, reducing cooling requirement, enable the Israeli solar energy company to reduce the size of its inverters as well as their cost. This fits well with the company’s strategy – focusing on households and small power suppliers.

SolarEdge is honored to be given this esteemed Intersolar Award for our HD-Wave technology inverter,” stated Lior Handelsman, VP Marketing and Product Strategy of SolarEdge. “Representing a significant transition in inverter technology, the use of digital processing in our HD-Wave inverter technology will allow us to more quickly improve inverter size, efficiency, and reliability than the current industry standard.”

Tesla – from cooperation to rivalry?

SolarEdge home solutions suite

SolarEdge has lately cooperated with Innovative electric car producer Tesla in an Energy storage project. The cooperation between the two companies has led to a wave of rumors of an upcoming takeover of SolarEdge by Tesla. The hopes for such a deal were shattered by Alon Musk announcement of his intention to take over SolarCity – one of SolarEdge’s main customers. Many fear that such a takeover would lead to the loss of solarCity as a customer. Nevertheless, it remains unclear if the takeover will take place – Alon Musk’s announcement of his intention has fanned fears as for the soundness of corporate governance issues in the groundbreaking company.

SolarEdge was founded in 2006 by CEO Guy Sela and partners. The company develops a wide range of technological solutions for the solar energy sector such as; power optimizers, inverters amd control and monitoring systems.

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