Israeli chip manufacturer Valens unveils its first automotive chip

5 July, 2016

In January, Valnes announced its plans to enter automotive tech, now, the company unveils its first automotive silicon. Valnes’s HDBaseT technology could help automotive manufacturers to reduce the amount of wires required, thus saving up to 150 kg of car weight


In January, Israeli chip producer Valnes Semiconductors made a bold move, announcing its intentions to enter automotive tech. now, in the ConCarExpo 2016 held in Düsseldorf, the developer of HDBase Technology unveils its first automotive silicon – the VA600T, the first silicon to demonstrate the transmission of high-throughput, time-sensitive applications over an HDBaseT Automotive link.

Since its announcement in January, Valnes has developed  its HDBaseT Automotive , a technology that enables up to 6Gbs tunneling of audio, video, data, USB and more, with native networking capabilities over a single unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable for up to 15m (50ft), targeting the existing 100BASE-T1 comparable channel utilized today in the automotive sector. The VA600T illustrates the clear benefits brought by HDBaseT Automotive, including high-bandwidth, top performance, feature-rich capabilities, and near-zero latency transmission, through a highly robust and EMC-resistant solution.

One of the main advanteges of Valnes’s technology is the reduction of the volume of automotive wiring. An average car has some 150kg of wires. The automotive industry is constantly on the search for means to reduce car weight, and the reduction of up to 150 kg is centennially a lucrative selling point for the Israeli company’s technology.

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