A new Israeli player in the autonomous car arena: Foresight

4 September, 2016

The system developed by Foresight has a stereoscopic 3D mapping capabilities. The company has recently concluded a testing phase, proving the system’s feasibility

The system developed by Foresight has a stereoscopic 3D mapping capabilities. The company has recently concluded a testing phase, proving the system’s feasibility1

Herzliya, Israel based Foresight, a developer if ADAS systems, announced it has completed an advanced testing phase of its prototype. The system, which has undergone various tests during the last few months is based on video processing and 3D technology.

Foresight says “it has crossed a crucial threshold in the development of the system”, and that the chances for completion of the development phase and of future commercial distribution have increased considerably. The company intends to continue the work on its prototype, showcasing it to potential customers.

Foresight’s system is, uniquely, comprised of two video cameras mounted on the vehicles front, supplying stereoscopic vision capabilities – not unlike human vision – of the road and the surroundings. A specialized software installed in the car, processes the collected data using the company’s algorithms, supplying the driver with real time alerts. The company’s technology can map objects as small as 50cm.

Foresight's technology is based on defense technology
Foresight’s technology is based on defense technology

The origins of foresight’s technology lie not in the automotive industry, but in Israel’s thriving defense industry. The company was founded last year, and is a subsidiary of Magna BSP, an Israeli defense technology company. Magna has developed an Electro-Optic radar system for perimeter security of borders and sensitive installations and infrastructure.  Foresight’s ADAS system is based on the same unique technology used in Magna’s novel radar system – stereoscopy. Both perimeter security radar and ADAS system function similarly – two cameras cover the same field, thus supplying outstanding panoramic 3D imagery.

Similarly to Mobileye, Foresight intends to “make it” in the autonomous car arena, which is based on artificial sensing technologies. In a presentation for investor released by the company today, the company repeatedly noted that it aims to develop technologies which could be used in autonomous driving as the field is moving to higher degrees of autonomy.

Is foresight’s System better than Mobileye’s?

Foresight’s system has undergone a long series of tests in the last few months. These were intended to test the systems capabilities. The tests were held in southern Israel, and included many possible scenarios including glare – a phenomena known to reduce the capabilities of current ADAS systems. The company reported that all the system’s modules were working at the same time, and that the system supplied visual and vocal alerts early enough to enable the human driver to react and avoid the dangers. The current test were conducted in daytime, and Foresight is now moving on to test the system at nighttime and difficult light conditions.

Part of the testing was a comparison between Foresight’s system and another, undisclosed system (Mobileye’s ADAS?), and according to the company, its system scored better results.

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