Israeli P-Cure recieves FDA approval for its upright imaging solution

9 October, 2016

The company developed a new concept proton therapy. The FDA approval enables P-Cure to start the distribution of its novel solution in the US, as well as to start clinical trials

The company developed a new concept proton therapy. The FDA approval enables P-Cure to start the distribution of its novel solution in the US, as well as to start clinical trials

p-cure Israeli based P-Cure, a developer of Patient-Centric solutions for proton therapy, has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its patented upright imaging solution. The P-Cure system is based on a diagnostic-quality computed tomography (CT) enabling treatment planning, positioning and treatment delivery for cancer patients in a seated position.

The P-Cure Patient-Centric solution is a paradigm shifting change from the current method of treatment with the patient in the horizontal position. “The benefits of treating patients in a seated position include greater patient comfort, less internal organ movement, better saliva drainage and a better position for breathing for asthmatic and other patients experiencing impaired breathing. It may also deliver less collateral radiation to sensitive organs while enabling greater accuracy in proton beam delivery,” said Michael Marash, Ph.D., founder and CEO of P-Cure.

Adult and pediatric patients who will initially benefit from this new solution will be those treated for cancers of the lung, breast, chest, the head and neck, and lower torso.

A revolutionary idea


Dr. Michael Marash
Dr. Michael Marash

In addition to the clinical benefits of P-Cure’s solution, there are also significant economic advantages to treating patients in a seated position. With P-Cure, oncologists can develop a compact, gantry-less proton center for significantly less capital and operating costs, essentially making proton therapy more widely available and attainable.

Because of the high capital costs, proton therapy is currently only available to less than one percent of patients who could potentially benefit from it. The P-Cure gantry-less system significantly reduces many factors associated with proton therapy including the capital cost of equipment and construction, the size of a single room center or multi-room expandable center and the time from center planning to treatment.

“We are excited to receive FDA clearance for our upright imaging technology. We are looking forward to demonstrating the clinical benefits of our Patient-Centric approach for treatment planning, immobilization, adaptive therapy and motion management. The P-Cure team is committed to enabling all oncology centers and hospitals globally to establish cost-effective proton therapy services for the best possible care and cure,” said Dr. Marash.

p-cube-therapyP-Cure was founded in 2007 by Dr. Michael Marash. The company developed a proprietary technology enabling significant cost reductions in the costs of developing a proton center, or adding the proton option to existing oncology centers, which today are treat a mere 1% of patients who could benefit from effective proton treatment. The P-Cure solution offers the most precise image guidance system potentially resulting in greater treatment precision, enhanced clinical outcomes, expanded treatment indications, and shortens the length of treatment procedures.

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