NATO acquires Cellebrite’s Analytics

1 November, 2016

This is the first acquisition of Cellebrite’s latest digital investigation system, the Cellbrite UFED Analytics Platform. CEO Yossi Carmil “this is one of the most powerful systems available”

A major NATO state acquired Israeli Cellebrite’s latest digital investigation system, Cellbrite UFED Analytics. The new platform enables investigators to quickly analyze digital data retrieved from various digital devices, cross referencing all available data simultaneously from web-based tools, thus speeding up investigations.

The challenge faced by investigators of all kinds today is not so much obtaining information, but quickly assessing and analyzing the vast amounts of data retrieved from digital devices connected to the inquiry. The ability to quickly process and analyze vast amount of digital data has become a key requirement for the timely and successful conclusion of an investigation.

Cellebrite launched its latest platform in July. The contract signed with the unnamed NATO member is in fact the first acquisition of the new platform.  The new platform breaks down information barriers, streamlines data access, reduces case cycle times, and speed investigations. It accommodates workgroups of up to 50 users and hundreds of data sources. The permission-based solution empowers a dedicated group of investigators, analysts and examiners to centrally store, review, analyze and cross reference all available data simultaneously from web-based tools.

Cellebrite’s CO-CEO Yossi Carmil said that the new system is “the fruit of many years of experience, based on Cellebrite’s proven abilities and its excellent workforce, as well as the company’s close cooperation with leading law enforcement agencies around the world”.

A pioneer in the field of digital forensics

Cellebrite is a global focusing on mobile data technology, developing comprehensive solutions for mobile data forensics and mobile lifecycle management. The company is a pioneer in the field of Digital Forensics. The company coined the term Universal Forensic Extraction Device, referring to its mobile data extraction technology.

Cellebrites UFED solutions are used by more than 40,000 end users in over 100 countries worldwide. Amongst the Israeli company’s customers are many law enforcement agencies, armed forces as well as private investigation firms.

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