Innoviz Technologies was Selected to Participate Startup Autobahn 2017

15 February, 2017

Innoviz from KFAR SABA, Israel, invented a new Solid-state LiDAR remote sensing solutions for fully autonomous vehicles

Innoviz Technologies Ltd., announced today that it has been selected from over 300 companies to join the upcoming cycle of the Startup Autobahn program. Innoviz’s selection comes following a meticulous screening process by representatives from Daimler, HPE, Plug and Play, University of Stuttgart and ARENA2036, intended to identify breakthrough technologies in the automotive space.

Innoviz from KFAR SABA, Israel, invented a new LiDAR remote sensing solutions for fully autonomous vehicles as well as 3D Computer Vision solutions including Object Detection, Tracking and Classification and accurate Mapping and Localization. The company’s flag product is InnovizOne – a high definition solid state LiDAR (HD-SSL), that  produces highly accurate, real time 3D images of the vehicle’s surroundings. Driven by its proprietary HW & SW technologies, Innoviz belieces its sensor offers superior performance over its competition. Bur the revolutionary factor in its technology is its price: Innoviz will sell those sensors for $100 each, instead of $10,000 and above – the current price in the market.

A month ago, Magma International from Canada revealed that it has selected Innoviz’s technology to be integrated into its autonomous driving systems. The two companies will partner to deliver LiDAR remote sensing solutions for the implementation of autonomous driving features and full autonomy in future vehicles. Magma is a  leading global automotive supplier with 312 manufacturing operations and 98 product development, engineering and sales centres in 29 countries. We have over 155,000 employees.

“We are pleased for the opportunity to partner with Innoviz, as we have confidence in their multi-disciplinary team and this gives Magna a full suite of sensing systems – camera, ultrasonic, RADAR fusion, and LiDAR – to complement our autonomous vehicle capability,” said Swamy Kotagiri, Magna Chief Technology Officer. “Building on our leadership position in driver assistance, our strong systems knowledge and complete-vehicle expertise give us the ability to efficiently fuse various sensors and develop robust systems as vehicles continue to progress towards full autonomy.”

“The integration of LiDAR into driving systems is pivotal to enabling full autonomy and in ensuring a comprehensive sensing solution that satisfies the highest safety standards. This cooperation with Magna affirms Innoviz’s breakthrough technology and product capabilities as well as our ability to adhere to Magna’s high bar on safety requirements,” said Omer Keilaf (photo above), Co-Founder and CEO of Innoviz.

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