Intel Aligns its AI Efforts into a Single Organization

26 March, 2017

Intel formed the new Artificial Intelligence Products Group (AIPG), headed by Narveen Rao, former CEO of Nervana Systems

Intel takes intelligence seriously: Several months after it acquired Nervana Systems for approximately $400 million, it appointed Nervana’s co-founder and CEO, Naveen Rao, as the General Manager of the newly formed Artificial Intelligence Products Group (AIPG). The existence of this new group was revealed in an article posted by Naveen Rao on Intel’s website.

“As a data company, it is imperative that we deliver solutions that create, use and analyze the massive amounts of data that are generated each and every minute,” he wrote. “Data inference, or finding useful structure in data, may indeed be the largest computational problem of our time. That is why AI is so important to Intel.

“It is also why we are announcing that Intel is aligning its AI efforts under me, in a single cross-Intel organization: the Artificial Intelligence Products Group (AIPG). “The new organization will align resources from across the company to include engineering, labs, software and harware needed to build AI portfolio, based on Nervana platform and Intel technologies such as Xeon computing platform and FPGA devices.

Intel will create an applied AI research lab dedicated to pushing the forefronts of computing, explore novel architectural and algorithmic approaches to inform future generations of AI. This includes a range of solutions from the data center to edge devices. “This will be the home for AI innovation at Intel. I believe this new organization will have a huge impact, not only for Intel, but upon the entire evolving AI space.

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