Innoviz to Mass Produce its Automotive LiDAR Sensor

24 May, 2017

The InnovizPro sensor will be available in Q1 2018. "We teamed up with Jabil because of their recent investments in technology that enable autonomous driving for all types of vehicles"

Innoviz LiDAR Sensor for Autonomous Driving

Innoviz Technologies has entered into an agreement with Jabil, a leading production service provider, to mass produce its LiDAR intelligent sensor InnovizPro, designed for autonomous driving technology. The InnovizPro sensor will be available in the market starting Q1 2018.

Jabil's Computer Camera Module
Computer Camera Module produced by Jabil

“We teamed up with Jabil because of their recent investments in technology that enable autonomous driving for all types of vehicles,” said Omer Keilaf, CEO and Co-Founder of Innoviz. “We are leveraging the engineering excellence of their Optics team, together with their automotive expertise, to support our new product introduction efforts at their newest facility in Haifa, Israel .”  Irvin Stein, Vice President of Jabil Optics said Jabil collaborate with Innoviz to develop and deploy their 3D scanning and sensing solution.

InnovizPro will deliver a high-definition, solid-state LiDAR device that uses Innoviz’s patent-pending sensor technologies and proprietary architecture to provide object detection and accuracy at lower costs than existing LiDAR solutions. Earlier this year, Innoviz unveiled InnovizOne, its flagship automotive grade LiDAR device offering high-definition 3D scanning in a compact, affordable, solid-state design.

Targeting levels 3-5 Autonomous Driving

Innoviz said it is currently engaging with leading stakeholders on the integration of InnovizOne into driving systems and is continuing development, targeting automotive grade quality for levels 3-5 autonomous driving. Samples of InnovizOne will be available during Q1 2019. Both InnovizOne and InnovizPro provide scan of a vehicle’s surroundings. The company’s proprietary solid-state design introduces a device without mechanical moving parts compared to traditional LiDAR, enabling Innoviz to offer a smaller product footprint at mass market price.

“Our mission is to enable the autonomous vehicle revolution by providing the highest performance, lowest cost and most compact LiDAR solutions on the market,” said Omer Keilaf, CEO & Co-Founder of Innoviz. “Companies are currently spending tens of thousands of dollars on under-performing LiDAR solutions in order to test their autonomous vehicles. We’ve decided to release our current design and make it available for field production purposes now, because it is already so much more advanced and less expensive than what’s currently available on the market. Meanwhile, we’ll continue development on InnovizOne to get it to automotive grade standards by 2019.”

Solid-state LiDAR

Innoviz’ High Definition Solid State LiDAR (HD-SSL), is based on  patent-pending technology to deliver superior performance at the affordable costs. Headquartered in Israel, the company was founded in January 2016 by former members of the elite technological unit of the Israeli Defense Forces with renowned expertise in the fields of electro-optics, computer vision, MEMS design and signal processing. Innoviz is backed by top-tier investors including Vertex Venture Capital, Magma Venture Partners, Amiti Ventures, Delek Motors and the Chairman Mr. Zohar Zisapel, The Co-founder of the $1 billion RAD Group.

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