“Nvidia is no longer a Semiconductor Company”

2 August, 2017

Nvidia to expand its development center in Tel-aviv. VP Jeff Herbst: "We see our selves as an AI and Visual Computing company"

Envidia VP Jeff Herbst

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is changing the industry, and Nvidia as well. During a meeting with Techtime in Tel-aviv, Jeff Herbst, Vice President of Business Development at Nvidia, said that following the last developments of AI, Nvidia is no longer a semiconductors company, but a complete solution company.

Herbst: “Artificial Intelligence and specially AI based Deep Learning is the most disruptive technology i have ever met. It enters any aspect of our lives, and transform it, just like the electrification revolution. ”

What does it mean for Nvidia?

“Today we are no longer a semiconductor company. We build chips, but Apple too is building chips and it is not a semiconductor’s company. We see our selves as an AI Computing and Visual Computing company. Our focus is the solution: we provides the hardware and the software, and even complete vertical solution. It is impossible today to provide only hardware. The chips are too complicated. The costumers need a complete suit of hardware and software to make use of our products. Today, more than half of our engineers are software engineers.”

nvidia volta gpu architecture
VOLTA, Nvidia’s New GPU Architecture

Do you need your own CPU, side by side with your GPU?

“Artificial Intelligence Computers consists mainly of GPU cluster and a software package such as CUDA or CDNN (CUDA Neural Networks). It works in conjunction with CPUs, and Intel produce the best processors in the world. Our products works very well with Intel, and this answer the needs of our costumers.”

What are you doing in Israel?

“We identified the Israeli AI community as one of the most important today. There is a huge amount of advanced research in the Academia and a large number of new startup companies in the fields Neural Networks, Deep Learning and AI in general. We want to take part in this. Last year we established a small development center in Tel-aviv of about 20 employees. We plan to recruit 50-100 more employees – and if we find – to buy a local AI startup company.”

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