Jabil and eyeSight Develop New In-Car Sensing Technology

13 August, 2017

Jabil and eyeSight are developing a hardware-software system that assesses the presence of an active and aware driver and improves the human-machine interface

eyesight in-car sensing

The giant Electronics Manufacturing Services provider from Jabil Inc. from Petersburg, Florida ETERSBURG, announced partnership with eyeSight Technologies, from Herzlya, Israel, to develop in-car sensing technology with high levels of driver monitoring and gesture control. The partnership combines Jabil’s automotive-grade optics capabilities with eyeSight’s computer vision and deep learning software. Together, Jabil and eyeSight are developing a system that assesses the presence of an active and aware driver and improves the human-machine interface (HMI).

Jabil's Computer Camera Module
Computer Camera Module produced by Jabil

“The accuracy, intelligence and efficiency of the system we’re developing will enable automakers to implement in-car sensing systems across all vehicle types,” said Lisa Bahash, senior vice president, Jabil Automotive Group. “eyeSight has developed computer vision and machine learning solutions, which are already deployed in millions of devices worldwide,” said Gideon Shmuel, CEO of eyeSight. “Most recently, eyeSight has been very focused on the in-car automotive market.”

The combined hardware and software consists of camera modules, together with intelligent software in a compact form factor which can be integrated into existing cockpit electronics and uses time-of-flight and infrared capabilities. It will enable functions such as Driver identification (facial recognition, gender and age), Driver attentiveness (head pose, posture, eyelid tracking and mood), Driver distraction (iris tracking, gaze tracking) and Gesture control of navigation, infotainment, HVAC, etc.

Jabil and Innoviz LiDAR Sensor

This is the second cooperation between Jabil Optical division and an Israeli Automotive Sensing startup. On May 2017 Innoviz Technologies has entered into an agreement with Jabil to mass produce its LiDAR intelligent sensor InnovizPro, designed for autonomous driving technology. The InnovizPro sensor will be available in Q1 2018.

InnovizPro is a solid-state LiDAR device that uses patent-pending sensor technologies and proprietary architecture to provide object detection and accuracy at lower costs than existing LiDAR solutions. Earlier this year, Innoviz unveiled InnovizOne, its flagship automotive grade LiDAR device offering high-definition 3D scanning in a compact, affordable, solid-state design.

eyeSight Automotive solution for in-cabin sensing:

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