Newsight and LeiShen to develop a new kind of Automotive LiDAR

22 November, 2017

“The V-LiDAR performs well on distance, speed and reliability measures. It will constitute a good example of cooperation between Chinese and Israeli companies”


Newsight Imaging from Ness Ziona, Israel, will develop a new CMOS image sensors for laser LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) in cooperation with the Chinese LeiShen Intelligent. The new system called V-LiDAR, us a 3D pulsed based LiDAR for automotive applications used in ADAS systems and in autonomous vehicles. It is consists of Newsight’s patent-pending eTOF (Enhanced Time-of-Flight technology, to bridge the gap between short-distance iTOF and the 200m distance automotive requirement, by extending the dynamic range of the sensor.

V-LiDAR is a is real solid-state (no moving parts, No MEMS), high resolution (VGA and above) solution with range and accuracy that meet the automotive industry definition, and the needed ISO certifications. Newsight and Leishen already have a successful collaboration; LeiShen’s rotating head LiDAR is based on Newsight NSI3000 sensor. “The V-LiDAR performs well on distance, speed and reliability measures. It will constitute a good example of cooperation between Chinese and Israeli companies”, said Bernie Hu, CEO of LeiShen.

LiDAR Application of NSI3000 chip

Newsight and Leishen have established a collaboration program for first adopters, OEM or first-tier collaborators. This program will give them access to R&D in order to define, review, and contribute to the product definitions. The program will also be offered to companies developing advanced state-of-the-art support solutions, such as algorithms and image processing.

Newsight Imaging develops advanced CMOS image sensor chips for two main market segments: machine vision – laser lidar based devices, and spectral analysis for portable food inspection and medical devices. Its technology combines both digital processing and analog units on the same chip. The NSI3000 chip is designed for LiDAR applications, using 8 rows of 2048 pixels made of 4 rows of 4µm x 8µm pixels and 4 rows of 4µm x 4µm pixels.

The company was founded by Eli Assoolin and Eyal Yatskan. Eli brought over 23 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, including key positions in chip design and CAD at Motorola, Magma ICCOM, Transchip and others . He has served as the General Manager of Maple Technologies. Eyal brought 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. He has held CTO, R&D manager and VLSI department manager positions in Full custom ASIC/FPGA design for leading semiconductor corporations. He is a Senior Lecturer at HIT, CDC and HTE.

Senior member in the board is Dr. Li Likai, Founder and Partner of Guangsheng & Partners Attorneys-at-law (G&P). Dr. Li served as government legal counsel in the PRC Ministry of Commerce for many years. He became a limited partner of Sequoia Capital China in 2007.

Insight Imaging:

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