Quanta will bring Lumus optics to mass production

10 December, 2017

Quanta Computer will be mass-producing augmented reality (AR) optical products bases on Lumus LOE Technology, and will also produce Lumus optical engines for other Tier 1 ODMs

Lumus AR Display

Quanta Computer from Taiwan will mass produce a novel AR (Augmented Reality) displays based on a unique technology developed by Lumus from Ness Ziona, Israel. Today Lumus announced  that it has entered a into major agreement with Quanta Computer, one of the world’s largest original design manufacturers (ODMs), for its augmented reality (AR) optical engine models. The licensing agreement is the largest agreement to date for Lumus, and marks a significant step toward mainstream adoption of AR eyewear.

Lumus CEO Ari Grobman
CEO Ari Grobman

Lumus has licensed several of its advanced optical engines to Quanta in an agreement to produce and market AR headsets featuring Lumus Vision. Under this agreement, Quanta will also be mass producing Lumus optical engines for other Tier 1 ODMs and top consumer tech brands. The deal follows Quanta’s investment in Lumus in November 2016 and represents an important moment for the AR industry.

Quanta-built AR headsets with Lumus optics are expected to be available in the market within 12 to 18 months. “This is truly a historic deal”, said Lumus CEO, Ari Grobman. “We’re excited to be partnering with Quanta, which is one of the world’s most trusted technology ODMs, as this will allow Lumus optics to meet mass consumer market price points and bring AR glasses to the masses.”

Vice Chairman and President of Quanta Computer, C.C. Leung, said that the partnership with Lumus “allows us to lead the next generation of computing that augmented reality represents. We look forward to leveraging our manufacturing expertise in building AR, VR and MR hardware as part of a very successful collaboration.”

The investor became a customer

Founded in 2000, Lumus has completed on December 2016 a $45 million investment round with an additional $30 million in funding from top-tier strategic investors including Quanta and HTC. Lumus develops and produces exceptional transparent AR displays based on tts patented LOE – Lightguide Optical Element – optical technology. It includes reflective waveguide that was invented by Dr. Yaakov Amitai – a world-renowned optics scientist and founder of Lumus. This reflective waveguide technology enabling projected light to travel through a transparent lens. Only when light reaches user’s field of view partially reflective surfaces embedded in the lens project all colors at once creating a bright, wide & crystal-clear AR image.

Lumus DK-50 Development Kit for AR Displays
Lumus DK-50 Development Kit for AR Displays

Originally designed for outdoor use, Lumus delivers incredible brightness for daytime and outdoor usage. Lumus optics systems are also battle tested with military aviation, health care, and logistics among the industries utilizing the company’s optical engines.

Quanta Computer provides innovative products that range from information, communication, networking, consumer electronics, and car electronics to storage. Founded in 1988, Quanta Computer is headquartered in Taiwan with major operation facilities set up in Asia, Canada, North America, South America, and Europe. Quanta Group currently employs over 90,000 employees worldwide with consolidated revenues amounted to US$28 billion for fiscal year 2016.

IDC predicts that 30 percent of Global 2000 companies will begin incorporating AR and virtual reality (VR) into their marketing programs during 2017. With market size projected to reach $90 billion by 2020, remarkable growth in the AR market is projected for years to come.

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