Mixed Place raised $750,000 for Mixed Reality app

5 March, 2018

Founder Alon Melchner: “The entry of Mixed Reality into our lives will be the greatest digital revolution. Mixed Place’s will map the world to create an infrastructure called AR cloud"

Alon Melchner

Mixed Place from Raanana, Israel, has closed a $750,000 seed round from Israel-based PPI Worldwide Group for the development of new Mixed Reality application to drive sales promotions campaigns, including the creation and execution of large scale scale projects of global retail chains. Mixed Place has filed 17 patent applications for technologies that accurately position digital content over the physical world.

Mixed Place is currently completing the first technological phase of its infrastructure. During the first half of 2018 it plans to release an application during that will allow users to create digital content which will overlay physical reality in open areas and inside buildings. Users will be able to design, build and share digital overlays that will be precisely integrated into the physical world. The company was founded by Alon Melchner, previously the founder of the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) startup WakingApp.

Augmented Reality with Mixed Reality
How Mixed Reality looks like

Alon Melchner, Founder and CEO of Mixed Place: “The entry of Mixed Reality into our lives will be the greatest digital revolution. Mixed Place’s vision is to map the world and create an infrastructure, which is also known as AR cloud, that will cover it with layers of 3D digital content. Mixed Reality will create a world in which digital consumption will function intuitively as part of the real world, rather than be limited to 2D screens.

“In retail, for example, we will be be digitally accompanied by virtual personas or arrows, that will continously lead us from the street to the supermarket, and inside the supermarket to specific shelves and products. Soon, the digital layers will mainly appear on smartphones, and within a year or two, glasses will start replacing smartphones as a means of display. In the tourism industry, it will be possible to cover cities with layers of useful information or marketing messages, and even show within the real world how the city’s ancient sites once looked like. These are just examples of the countless applications which will create a different kind of reality.

Melchner served as President and CEO of WakingApp, which he founded in 2012. WakingApp developed a platform for the creation of augmented and virtual reality that allows non-developers to easily create interactive AR/VR content. Isaias Miremberg, owner of PPI Worldwide: “We believe that Mixed Reality technology will penetrate the retail industry in the coming years, and we plan to be one of the spearheads of this technology.”

Mixed Place website: https://www.mixed.place

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