Foretellix Develops Verification Platform for Autonomous Vehicles

5 April, 2018

"We need to make sure that the future autonomous cars will be able to tackle unexpected scenarios." The company develops a verification framework based on approaches brought from VLSI chip design

Foretellix founders

Photo above (Left to right): Ziv Binyamini, Yoav Hollander and Gil Amid

“Today we do not need a better sensor or a camera module, but to make sure that future autonomous cars will be able to tackle unexpected scenarios, such that are beyond the ability of developers to predict,” said recently Ziv Binyamini, CEO and co-founder of Foretellix from Tel Aviv. “This is a challenge of verification.” Foretetellix, who have raised $1.5 million this month, is bringing the know-how of chip verification tools into the emerging industry of Autonomous Driving. 

The company develops a verification framework for Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS), based on approaches brought from the field of VLSI chip design. The foundation of this system is a new Scenario Description Language (SDL), planned to be an open, non proprietary language. From Higher point of view, SDL is a component of a System Verification Framework (SVF), a unique framework which implements coverage driven validation, based on constrained-random stimuli generation.

Foretellix is founded by a team of experienced verification experts and thought leaders from the VLSI and SoC world. The Founder and CTO, Yoav Hollander is an expert in VLSI verification. He Invented the “e” verification language and had founded Verisity that was acquired by Cadence Design Systems for $315 million. Ziv Binyamini served until recently as Corporate VP at Cadence running the simulation and verification business. During his years in Cadence, Verisity and Intel,  Ziv led the development of verification businesses including chip simulation and Verification IP, which was the industry first Coverage Driven Verification solution.

Gil Amid, VP Operations & Business Development and Co-Founder is a former Vice President of Intel Corp. Gil has 30 years of experience working for Intel , in which he led the development of EDA and CAD tools in all design domains as well as leading VLSI design projects. The company’s advisory board includes Zohar Zisapel, Professor Amiram Yehudai, Benny Schnaider who co-founded Ravello Systems, and Moshe Gavrielov, until recently the CEO of Xilinx for the last 10 years.
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