MACOM Announced 4-Watt Ka-Band PA for SATCOM

5 June, 2019

MAAP-011250 is a balanced 4-watt power amplifier operating from 27.5GHz to 30GHz making it well suited for SATCOM and VSAT applications

MACOM Technology Solutions from Lowell, Massachusetts, announced the new MAAP-011250 Ka-Band power amplifier, mainly suited for next generation commercial SATCOM systems and VSAT outdoor units. The MAAP-011250 is a balanced 4 W, 4-stage power amplifier assembled in a lead-free 5 mm 32-lead AQFN plastic package. As the demand for high speed, broadband, data connectivity continues, MACOM is seeing changes in fixed wired networks, such as HFC and Fiber along with terrestrial wireless networks, and SATCOM, in order to meet this demand.

With the addition of the 4W amplifier, MACOM now offers 2, 2.3, 3, 4 and 7 W power output options spanning frequencies ranging from 27 to 31.5 GHz. These new GaAs-based Ka-Band PAs can provide strong linear gain, which is expected to enable customers to efficiently increase the power from the input to the output port with minimal tradeoffs. This power amplifier operates from 27.5 to 30 GHz and provides 24 dB of linear gain, 4 W saturated output power and output IP3 of 41 dBm while biased at 6 V.

Balanced design can enable consistent matching to 50 Ohms at the input and output. The MAAP-011250 can be used as a power amplifier stage or as a driver stage in higher power applications. The amplifier complements MACOM’s portfolio of Ka-Band gain block amplifiers, drivers, mixers and PAs to deliver a complete chipset for high-performance wireless broadband data links.

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