Mobileye plans Telematics units on Traffic Lights

25 February, 2020

Pointer and Mobileye to install hundreds of telematics units on traffic lights in the streets of Jerusalem, to transmit the status of the traffic light to the Mobileye Autonomous Experimental Vehicles

Photo above: Cars in the Mobileye fleet of autonomous vehicles leave the Mobileye garage in Jerusalem, for test drives

PowerFleet’s subsidiary, Pointer, is working in tandem with Mobileye to install telematics units on traffic lights in the streets of Jerusalem. The negotiation follows the joint pilot between both companies. These telematics units transmit the status of the traffic light in real time to the Mobileye Autonomous Experimental Vehicles. The units enable direct communication between the traffic light and the vehicle, to provide an additional data layer from the vehicle’s sensors.

Once installed on the traffic lights in Jerusalem, Pointer’s units will transmit the traffic light status every 0.4 seconds. Events will be recorded in real-time on the experimental vehicles in order to verify the traffic light color. The contact between both companies encompasses hundreds of telematics units and over 86,000 daily broadcasts. Ilan Goldstein, CEO of Pointer, explained that the traffic light network “will offer an additional layer of data for autonomous vehicles moving on Israeli roads today, as well as those moving worldwide in the future.

“The Mobileye experimental vehicles will be able to receive traffic light alerts (red, yellow and green) both through car cameras and through the traffic light telematics units. We expect the experiment to be extended to other regions of the country as well as to other markets around the world.” Yossi Hadad, VP of Software Integration and Advanced Systems at Mobileye said that as part of the company’s safety concept, “we aim to produce redundancy (data duplication) mechanisms to verify the reliability of information received in autonomous vehicle systems.”

PowerFleet was created in March 2019 following a $140 million merger agreement between the America ID Systems and the Israeli Pointer Telocation. Both companies provide Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology and telematics and mobile IoT solutions to the automotive, insurance and logistics (cargo, assets and containers) industries.

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