IMoD Converted Military Radar into Health Detector

1 April, 2020

The new system is remotely detects physiological parameters related to the COVID-19. It consists of a radar system produced by Elta and an IR thermal camera produced by Elbit

The Research and Development Agency in The Israeli Ministry of Defense has developed a remote monitoring system to quickly grab important physiological parameters related to the COVID-19 epidemic disease (photo above). IMoD has announced today that the new solution is based on two different military systems: A radar system produced by Elta (a company of Israel Aerospace Industries), and an IR thermal camera produced by Elbit Systems.

The combined solution remotely detects the temperature, heartbeat and respiratory rate of patients coming to the hospital’s emergency room. It aimed to provide the medical teams a secure and sterile environment while they are identifying high risk patients. IMOD plans to produce and provide these systems to all the hospitals in Israel.

Next phase of this project is coding a smart algorithm to prioritize and provide initial treatment recommendations. Other participants in the project include EchoCare Technologies, Vayyar, Neteera, Universities and the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv. Israel Aerospace Industries is also involved now in another medical project: It is considering the option to start mass production of ventilation systems using its facilities in the Systems Missiles & Space division.

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